Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Will Michael Ignatieff stay in Canada?

Here is a question I have been thinking about for some time now.

If the Liberals lose the next election will Michael Ignatieff stay in Canada or will he and his wife pack up and go back to England or perhaps somewhere else?

Judging by his past history I think he will be gone faster than a paper bag full of money on a table in a Quebec restaurant.

What say you?

I have added a poll to the right side of the blog with this question, but please feel free to post your comments as to why you think he will stay or would go.

Update: Final poll results. Out of 278 votes 264 voted that Iggy would leave if he lost an election. Only 14, or 5% of the total vote, voted that he would remain in Canada.

The people have spoken!

Thank you.


Bec said...

Other than the nature of his being here in the first place, i.e. wooed back,with zero experience, he is not a young guy.

I think the age factor is a very unattractive part of this leadership bid and also the reason he will leave.

Milton John said...

He wouldn't be the first one to disapear after losing an election.

When Garth Turner lost the election he quickly left Halton and moved to London; some people claim that he had been living in London all along.

Anonymous said...

This is why Ignatieff wants an early election - he is under a time constraint, he ain't getting younger and the Canadian public is getting too familiar with his bobbing and weaving on policy. If he does not become PM, he will be gone faster than a gopher down a bolt hole. Don't weep for Ignatieff, I'm sure Harvard will have him back and offer him tenure.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see. Your musings happen to be right in sync with the CPC's new wave of attacks. First it was, "Dion is not a leader" now "Ignatieff is not a Canadian."

Always interesting to see which of the troops will faithfully parrot. How does being a sock puppet feel?

Anonymous said...

Not sure Harvard would offer Ignatieff tenure. He has never had Proffesorships or tenure at any university in his life. He has been "visiting Professor" as in visiting guest speaker and was just a Director at a think tank on Human Rights located at the Harvard campus called the Carr Centre.
What, exactly, courses would someone like him teach towards any meaningful degrees?

Anne in sw ON said...

Back up just a bit, Anonymous 2. The only person on this post to utter the words "Ignatieff is not a Canadian" is YOU, an obvious liberal troll. Now, who is the sock puppet? Why, it must be you.

To Anonymous 3: Didn't Ignatieff merely take a leave of absence from his post at the Carr Centre? Does anyone know whether he has resigned and, if so, when?

Blame Crash said...

Well, he was born in Canada, but he's still a foreigner.
Numbskull anon @ 10:32:00 obviously wants all Canadians to believe that it's "perfectly normal" that someone who's spent most of his childhood and practically all of his adult life outside of Canada can come back to Canada for only one reason. That reason being to be the Prime Minister of Canada.
What a bloody outrage that the gliberal party and their enablers in the toronto media have conned some people into believing that this is the "New Normal"

Martin said...

I find it very confusing that the conservative position is:

Iggy is too international and too educated to be Prime Minister.

What's the flipside to this nonsense?

Harper is fit to be PM due to his lack of international experience and his lack of education?

That'll fly with Canadians.

If Harper loses the next election, is he therefore required to live the rest of his life in Canada?

If not, how long after losing should he remain here before going elsewhere?

Soccermom said...

Simple. Iggy does not know this country. He's only been back for a few years.

Iggy: Not a Canadian. I like that. Thanks, Anon.

Rural and Right said...

To be a Canadian if necessary...

“I loved my own country, but I believed in America in a way that Canada never allowed,” Mr. Ignatieff wrote. “I was against the war because I thought it betrayed something essential about the country. I marched because I believed in Jefferson and Lincoln.”

“We thought we were arguing about Iraq, but what might be best for 25 million Iraqis didn’t figure very much in the argument. As usual we were talking about ourselves: what America is and how to use its frightening power in the world.” - Iggy

Jen said...

Most likely Ignatieff and Tom CLARK will retire together in the RED COUNTRY or IN Ignatieff other country he loves,- USA.

Cool Blue said...


In the 2006 election he was asked if he'd stick around if he didn't become and MP and he strongly hinted that he'd leave.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

What our Anon 2 troll has failed to acknowledge is that while Mr.
Ignatieff is a Canadian, he has demonstrated that his best years have been spent traveling the world instead of investing time in his country of origin.

The international experience and education he has gained does not necessarily make up for the education he has missed here. He may know how Canada fits in to the world picture but does he know what makes Canada itself tick?

Mr. Ignatieff does not know the "clockworks" of our country because he's rarely seen the inside of the clock.

If he can be absent from this country for as long as he has been and expect to come pack and be the PM, then I'm reading a medical textbook and becoming a doctor...self proclaimed and all.

Please bend over and cough.....that will be $78.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

I want to make a correction to my post above...

"in his country of origin."

...I intended to type "in his country of citizenship."

Sorry for the goof-up.


Ardvark said...

The CPC's new line of attacks?

I guess you have not been paying attention. Go back to the LPC convention of 2006 and take a look at what Liberals were saying about MI. Does anyone but Iggy ring a bell?