Wednesday, March 25, 2009

“I am not writing a blank cheque on $3-billion. No Canadian would respect me if I did,”

Micheal Ignatieff then: “I am not writing a blank cheque on $3-billion. No Canadian would respect me if I did,

Micheal Ignatieff now. Liberals sign off on $3-billion emergency stimulation fund.

Or maybe not. From the above article: “I want to make Parliament work but I don't write blank cheques. That's not what my voters sent me to Parliament to do,” he said less than three hours before Liberals approved the fund.

The Liberals; the only thing that has changed is the name plate on the door of the OLO.

So much for respect.


roblaw said...

..which unfortunately begs the question.. what about the guys writing the blank cheque.

Very interesting article in Rolling Stone actually about how business is, more or less, effecting a coup d'etat - impressing it's will upon the populace against the will of the electorate..

And also noted Obama getting roasted by the head of the European Union for his "spend, spend, spend" (read give money to AIG, give money to AIG, give money to AIG) policies..

Anonymous said...

Poor Michael Ignatieff. He needs his cervical collar - the whiplash must be painful. Did he not instruct his party to vote for this 3 billion dollars? He changes his mind daily if not hourly. Ignatieff should give up yo-yo as a contact sport - its harming his mental health. He's been playing too many games of "Walk the Dog" or my favourite, "Hop the Fence".

Ardvark said...

No worries Rob, the blank cheque has Iggy's signature on it and he always stands by his signature.

gimbol said...

Iggnoramus alone is inconsiquential. However, surrounded as he is by the dozen or so assclowns in his caucus, makes me hope he never ever gets the chance to form government.
If he really wants to reach out to the mushy middle of the electorate he must clean house of the radical elements in his party.
Till then he will bend to their every whim, dicatated by the interest groups that support those MP's.

But I digress. Iggy is what you get when you mix the logic of Chretien and the verbal skills of Paul Martin.

roblaw said...

..and keep in mind, Iggy is apparently "on probation".. see:

..or was it,