Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Progressive Left Calls Upon the CMA...

An AWM Exclusive:

Members of the so called progressive left have called upon the Canadian Medical Association and it's provincial counterparts to ban Muslim doctors from practicing medicine in Canada. The general consensus of the left seems to be that a belief in a higher power and the science of medicine cannot coexist together and that Islamic doctors should be banned from practicing in this country for the safety of the Canadian public. Jeffrey Moonbat a spokesman for the left stated "We cannot have doctors that believe that things happen because of the will of Allah while ignoring the science." He added, "A real risk with this type of archaic thinking is that it is possible that an Islamic doctor may not put forth the necessary and expected effort to treat those that get sick or injured because the disease or illness might be Allah's work." "Modern medicine is science based and the will of Allah is not science."

In related news; rumour has it that CUPE Ontario is proposing a motion that Muslim professors be banned from lecturing in the pure sciences on university campuses.

More to come on this story as more information becomes available.


This ladies and gentlemen this is the progressive left in this country again showing their respect for the constitutional rights of others to their beliefs by discriminating against them in their choice of vocations based solely on religious beliefs.

Just the type of thing that human rights commissions in this country were set up investigate and prosecute. It is too bad that HRC's are so busy prosecuting the free speech of Canadians that they ignore very obvious and real violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


pettitji said...

What's wrong in requiring doctors to actually believe that the medicine they are practicing helps the patient? I don't want a doctor diagnosing me who thinks that his god will sort it out.

a Nonny Mouse said...

Petty ji,

If you want to follow your racist beliefs and not go to a Muslim doctor be my guest, but don't take the choice away from me.

Has there ever been a case where a patient has suffered in the care of a doctor who has evoked the old The Will Of Allah? Not that I'm aware of,With the shortage of doctors across Canada and millions of Canadians with no access to a family doctor, waiting months sometimes years for treatment, but you stay out of his/her office and make room for the rest of folks that don't have an Axe to grind. appointment with a

A Nonny Mouse said...

oooops bad editing job...sorry.

Country Mamma said...

A link might be sweet, seems like a parody of recent troubles for a certain Minister of science, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong in requiring doctors to actually believe that the medicine they are practicing helps the patient?"

Doctors don't need to believe in all aspects of medicine. A considerable portion of medical ethics is set aside with dealing with circumstances that the doctor does not agree with or finds uncomfortable. For example, if a patient wants an abortion, ALL doctors would need to be able to refer to an appropriate specialist. Also there are complex scenarios when dealing with terminal illness. It is not about the doctors personal belief system.

Sean Calder said...

pettitji, you may as well go on to say that anyone who believes in a higher power/being can't practice medicine on the off-chance that their belief might make them refuse to act for the patient.

I'm constantly astounded lately by people's total disregard for the concept of professionalism.

roblaw said...

uh.. I think your sarcasm was lost on poor pettitji..

Seems to me that a wise man, or sort of.. well, a man.. named Jean Chretien sort of gave a complete non-anwer when he was asked about his views on abortion:

"For me, I'm Roman Catholic. Personally, I don't have to, you know, I'm not at the age anymore to have my wife have abortion, but the that it is the choice of not the husband to decide. In my judgement, it is the judgement of the woman according to according to the values that this person have" (see LifeSite Daily News, Nov. 1, 2000).

Hmm.. and the Liberals complain of Goodyear's equivocal answer. Total. Hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

The left must be outraged about President Obama and his beliefs.