Friday, March 06, 2009

Getting Cocky with Ignatieff

Getting cocky with Ignatieff; while it sounds like it may be the title of a new CBC sitcom, it isn't. Not that the CBC would like to produce such a show, but there are real doubts that such a series with Ignatieff as the star would pass the CRTC guidlines for Canadian content =) Getting cocky with Iggy it turns out is just the day to day reality of the new Iggyfied Liberal Party of Canada as the interim and very much unratified leader continues to put his stamp on the party with the powers he seized late last year.

Yesterday his highness declared that he would not sign the nomination papers of any Liberal candidate who did not maintain a certain level of signed up members as well as a certain number of cash donors; this dictate also includes sitting MP's.

Imagine that. A guy who seized power of the party without the input of the rank and file members and fixed it so he would go unchallenged at the leadership convention has the gall to not only demand that all candidates go out and sign up even more members that he can ignore in this effort to have greater control over the nominations of candidates in 308 ridings across the country overriding the will of those same local members/boards, but also by asking those same members to pay for the privilege of it all happening.


What makes this all even more bizarre are a couple of other interesting facts such as that it is Ignatieff himself who is the biggest reason why there are such low numbers of party members at this time since it was he and his backroom minions that fixed it so there would be no real party convention thereby eliminating the best opportunity a political organization has to sign up 1000s of new members, and the real kicker that the guy who is now demanding that Liberal candidates milk their supporters for more money is the same one that himself did not even donate a single dollar to the party in 2008!

Got that? Iggy is the unilateral decider. He is not the payer; that is what he has you for.

Get out those cheque books you Liberals, as your leader has decreed it, so it must be made to happen.

Another bizarre thing about this all is that I doubt that any TV producer would even consider such a script as it seems to unrealistic for viewer to believe. Yet this is the reality of what the Liberal Party of Canada headed Michael Ignatieff looks like today.

Who would have imagined?


Anonymous said...

let's face it AA - Ignatieff's nothing but a second rate actor, who can't even control his caucus let alone manage a party.

Reading about what he "expects" from his members, candidates and ridings should stand as an insult to those folks. The man still thinks he's standing in a classroom assigning homework instead of running a party.

wilson said...

Are Danny's 6 exempt?

Are Danny's 6 going to campaign for the LPC or start raising funds as Independants?

maryT said...

Did iggy order that 1/3 of those new members must be women. Or is that another dion plan he has shoved under the bus.
I urge all liberals to donate equally to the party what iggy gave in all his years in Canada.
Ordering all sitting MPs to get 400 new members or they wont get his signature on nomination papers.
Ordering 1/10th of those members to donate 10.00/month.
What about the 231 ridings they don't hold, do those ridings have to get 400 new members and the donations in order to run a candidate.

Anonymous said...

There arn't enough card carrying Liberals to pull this off. I though Ignatieff was charismatic and that the party would be flooded with money, talent and volunteers after he became leader.

Anonymous said...

He can't even control his MPs from speaking at pro terrorist rallies or his Senators from talking about forming separatist parties for Newfoundland but yet he wants to control nominations at the riding level and their local fund raising.

That is some chutzpah.

wilson said...

Iffy's political inexperience is showing.
Getting grassroots support requires giving grassroots 'something' to get behind and push ahead.

Iffy offers Himself as that 'something'.
Iffy, Iffy, Iffy. This is not the USA looking for a new face, to change the way the world perceives them.
This is Canada, humble and determined Canada.
We already like who we are, and want leadership via common sense.

Canada is tolerant, wanting new comers to bring their hopes and dreams,
but leave their wars behind,
and enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that being Canadian brings.