Friday, September 04, 2009

And you want to be my latex salesman Mr. McCallum

John McCallum, MP for Markham-Unionville, scheduled a press conference with MPP Michael Chan and Deputy Mayor Jack Heath in Markham this morning to call on the federal government to support Buttonville. Mr. McCallum, who has been in Sudbury for the Liberal caucus meeting, said he had not been told about the Armadale redevelopment plan.

"Well, I'm a little bit puzzled to tell the truth, because just two or three days ago I spoke to Derek Sifton and he was very pleased that the three representatives of Markham-Unionville - federal, provincial and municipal - were going to back him up and request financial support from the federal government," Mr. McCallum said yesterday.

Mr. McCallum said their message was going to be focused on the 300-plus jobs that would be lost if Buttonville went, as well as the importance of the airport to hospitals, York Regional Police and local citizens and businesses who use the airport.

"I guess I'll have to consult with my colleagues about what to say now," Mr. McCallum said.

And you want to be my latex salesman finance minister. By the way Mr. McCallum, what type of car do you drive?


Chucker has a post up on McCallum's latest comments.


Calgary Junkie said...

Ha Ha. That McCallum is too too funny.

It doesn't take much imagination to forsee that this kind of screw up is going to hurt the Libs badly in they're "we can do better" campaign.

As Iggy the rookie campaigner leads his Keystone Cops, stumbling and bumbling for 35 days, the media is going to have a field day. After all, what are they gonna write about on this Seinfeldian election ?

Once Iggy gets mocked, he's doomed.
Seriously. The voters can put 2 and 2 together--you guys can't run a campaign, but you wanna run the country ?

Ardvark said...

On Adler yesterday a caller claimed the McCallum was on the Roy Green Show at some point and said that while Ignatieff did sign the coalition agreement he DID NOT read it.

If this is true I would kill for a link. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

"I guess I'll have to consult with my colleagues about what to say now.

And while you're at it, try consulting them so they can tell you what type of car it is that you drive, or wether they serve drinks on this plane.

What a dithering dolt. This guy is an endless source of punchlines.I hope he never loses his seat.

Ardvark said...

I just had an email suggesting that I listen to the Roy Green Show tomorrow between 2-5pm (EDT).

It should be interesting.

Calgary Junkie said...

AA: re Lowell Green, here's a possible link:

CFRA interviews

It looks like there are 4 or 5 "Lowell Green" links in there, you might try listening to.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see his medical exemption claims for visine .

Calgary Junkie said...

Ooops, thought you wanted "Lowell" Green, not Roy Green.

Roy Green is in the CHQR Audio Vault

Saturdays and Sundays, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Anonymous said...

"I just had an email suggesting..."

I heard that episode, AA and it was classic, Roy Green. He had Johnny Mac, on the ropes.
I absolutely hope that Roy, is planning to revisit MANY of the statements made by coalition members.

Ardvark said...

I am looking forward to the show. If I remember right, Roy was all over the coup plotters back in December.