Monday, September 07, 2009

Is the new Liberal ad as fake as Ignatieff?

I have not been following the blogs on this to this point but from what I see I think that LPC video looks like it was shot in front of a green screen in a studio.

There seems to be an outline around Iggy, there is a breeze that moves grass, leaves and everything other than Ignatieff's hair, and can anyone explain just why the Algonquin forest is moving behind Ignatieff? What do you think?

A fake forest, a fake Canadian. What a way to start a campaign.

Update: It appears that the forrest shots were filmed in downtown Toronto at Cherry Beach, or at least the background was filmed there.


bocanut said...

I think you're right.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogers, won't you be my neighbour

Anonymous said...

Apparently; according to CBC and the CPC website, it's a fake Iggy. There is a audio going around that Iggy tells his friends in Harvard, he won't be able to be himself anymore. Implying while in Canada he will be someone other than the real Iggy.

Ardvark said...

I am going to put all partisanship aside for a moment here and ask a question.

How can ANYONE in good conscience support this guy?

If the CPC ever chose someone like this as a leader I would be joining Liblogs faster than you can say impostor.

CanadianSense said...

The MSM would destroy anyone with his public statements.

The question is why is the MSM ignoring those speeches and videos?

Will the MSM wakeup during the campaign compliments of the Bloc and NDP attack ads?

You bet.

The MSM when they smell blood will again repeat the feeding frenzy cycle.

Dion gaffe and remote cave video are examples.

Ardvark said...

While I do believe the MSM has a bias for the Liberals, even they seem to acknowledge the truth. It just takes them some time to do so.

In other words this stuff is going to come out in the middle of the campaign when he MSM figure out that Ignatieff is going to lose.

Fearless prediction time: IF we have an election call this month the Liberals will be conceding the result within 2 weeks of the writ being dropped and be begging for Canadians to not give the CPC a majority. It may become real ugly.

gimbol said...

I get it.

It took a while because the ad has little to nothing to say what the libs would do better, but I've got it!
Iggy is promising to be better than the current conservative government, he's promising to run a more conservative government than the current one.
He's going to do those things that socons want, he's going to invoke the NWSC to return the definition of marriage to one man one woman. he's going to do what all fiscal conservatives want and stop funding the CBC, and he's going to do what tory traditionalists want and get the feds completely out of provincial jurisdiction. He's going to impliment an agenda that will make Trudeau spin in his grave and reverse every single one of his mistakes.

Gee, I hope those progressives and lefties don't get wind of this, they would abandon the LPC in droves. Maybe thats why Iggy isn't giving any details about what he wants to do better?

Anonymous said...

''If the CPC ever chose someone like this as a leader ..''

The LPC did not choose Iffy they rejected him and chose Dion,
Canadians did not choose Iffy only a handfull of Lib backroom boys chose him.

Anonymous said...

Forest is real, the suit is real, everything else is a fake.