Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Recession Hits The Mole.

Do you remember the various "mole" stories from a couple of years back about a Liberal insider who was leaking out all sorts of damaging stuff or just generally creating havoc from within the LPC?

If you do remember "The Mole" we have some bad news for you tonight.

It was announced today that the so called "Liberal Mole" has been laid off. The current recession was cited as the reason Mr.Mole was being let go, but insiders suggest that his position recently has become redundant since this guy assumed the leadership of the LPC.

The mole was good, said the insider, but the new guy is even better. It really is too bad the recession made us have to cut one of them.


Editorial comment: Keep up the good work new guy.

Video of PM Harper in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont on the new reality.


Anonymous said...

Iffy is on the payroll! That does explain alot of things.

wilson said...

It is the new reality,
Conservative majority government or LibDipper(Bloc) coalition government.

We now wait for Iffy to find a green screen to answer the coalition of losers question.
Will he or won't he?
Coalition if necessary but not necessarily coalition....the contracts are still out there.

Ardvark said...

I still think that Ignatieff will not pull the plug, either he backs down or there is a real bad outbreak of the red flu. I smell some dissent in the LPC.

Roy Eappen said...

I agree with you Aardvark. 12 grits will be ill on the day of the vote

hunter said...

That was a great speech by the PM. Does the CBC think that it will harm him?

He just reached every Conservative in this country and all the independents and told them what the government has done so far, still wants to do, and showed that the coalition is still alive. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Please demonstrate how PMSH and "showed that the coalition is still alive".Huntsy they're paying you too much for such weak thought.

Anonymous said...

m Show me the proof that the coalition is dead.

Rob C

Dodoforever said...

What was there NOT TO LIKE about his speech? PM Harper came across as a man full of confidence and earnestness. He has further inspired Canadians that if an election is called, the choice will be easy to make, in his favor. Conservatives will get a majority this time. Wait and see.

maryT said...

There are 938 comments on the story, so it is being read. How many have read it and not commented. What a way to get our message out, without paying a cent.
I bet Keith Boag is twisting in the wind that he is not a mouthpiece for the liberals anymore.
I hope we see more of this on the campaign trail, and we will see how iggy/layton say it is a lie. How will they explain a coup attempt after the election.
Bank of Canada says Canada is bouncing back, quicker than expected.

Ardvark said...

This is the strategy for the campaign. We may be going to our 4th election in 5 years, the voters are tired, hell I am tired, and the fix is stability with a Conservative majority.

BTW why is everyone surprised that the PM wants a majority or is going to run for one? Isn't that what parties are supposed to do?

Jack Layton wants a majority too, but he is not going to be getting his.

Calgary Junkie said...

Ha Ha ... good stuff AA.

There are so many candid comments from Mr. "we can do better", it's a regular cornucopia.

One of my favorites is a video of him talking to a small group of the faithful in Southern Ontario, in early July. (Maclean's has it in their blog archive, but I can't find the damn thing)

Anyway, Iggy slipped into his risky self-deprecating humour mode, as he said something like: "Don't ask ME about how to fix the isotope problem. I'm a politician, I don't know about these things". The audience chuckled. Canadians might not be as amused.

That is ONE of Iggy's many achilles' heels--his self-deprecating humour has a cringe inducing effect.

Ardvark said...

CJ, thanks for that. He has another strange quirk with his humour that I noticed when he was in Edmonton answering questions. On more than a couple of occasions he would answer a question by saying something like "i don't mean to make light of the situation' then proceed to do exactly that with a joke. One time I get but he did this at least 3 different times that night.

Jeff said...

Thanks AA, I enjoyed watching that. I never did see which parts the CBC showed. But I'm curious: what is the actual number of people that watch the CBC?

Ardvark said...

Jeff, I am not sure of the numbers but it is not enough to sustain them financially.