Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept 24, 2010 Legal history made in USA with the Colbert Precedent.

I don't comment much on US politics but this was just screaming out at me to comment on.

Sept 24, 2010 will be remembered by legal scholars as the day that the Colbert Precedent came to be. No longer will ANYONE who testifies before congress have to be forthright and tell the truth.

Somewhere at this very moment Roger Clemens defense team is popping the champagne.

And you thought we had problems with our government in Canada.


Anonymous said...

If I watch a lot of CSI can I be a ballistics expert? Y'know if I act real convincing and entertaining?

Mind you the REAL scumbags are the lawyers who did not prevent him from testifying.

Ardvark said...

Sure, now that the precedent has been set anything goes!

Seriously Colbert, and whomever invited him, should apologize for making a mockery of the system and withdraw all statements made before it is too late and the lawyers do get involved.

Anonymous said...

But isn't that generally what's wrong with the media? They watch Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Stephen Colbert -- no matter which side of the political spectrum they're on -- so some of them think they should imitate that kind of mocking derisive tone. And everyone kow-tows to the infotainers.

Unfortunately, there are probably some people who think Jon Stewart's Daily Show et al. are actual re-caps of the news.
-- Gabby in QC
(I can't log in with my Google account, I don't know why)

maryT said...

Must watch Colbert on Monday for his take on the event.

Anonymous said...

His points were valid. The way he chose to deliver them got everyone's attention. Look at all those people trying not to crack a smile, they can't hide it though, even with straight faces their eyes are smiling.

Ardvark said...

Any valid points he may of had don't justify the fake testimony and his making a mockery of the committee hearing with his shtick.

Why should anyone ever take congressional hearings seriously again?