Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ignatieff working on his quest to be Number 1!

Michael Ignatieff wants to be #1 and he is 'working' hard to gain the title.

No, I am not talking about the PM's job, although I am sure he wants that as well, but rather Mr. Ignatieff seems to be trying hard to be #1 on the list of MP's who are absent from work and miss votes in Parliament.

Ignatieff is currently sitting in second place behind Bloc MP Jean-Yves Roy ( who is expected to retire in October 2010). With Roy's retirement upcoming and judging by his record since Parliament returned just last week, Mr.Ignatieff has already missed 4 out of the 6 recorded votes, Micheal Ignatieff is a sure bet to reach the number one spot very soon.

Good luck on reaching your goal Mr. Ignatieff, we will be watching your progress closely as you set out to become the #1 dead beat in the House of Commons all while at the same time telling us how hard you and your party are working for Canadians.

Here are some details on a couple of the votes that Ignatieff has been absent for since the House resumed sitting:

C 308 to amend the Employment Insurance Act.  (Yes, it is true. Ignatieff was absent for a vote on changing EI, the very thing that only 1 year ago he had threatened to force an election over!)

C 440 Gerard Kennedy's latest attempt to allow war resisters, who knowingly volunteered to enter the US military, to stay in Canada.   (Way to support your own MP's Iggy, but to be fair I don't think Iffy likes Kennedy very much. Hey, it is not like Ignatieff is not being consistent on the subject. Wait a minute...)

Update: Ignatieff wonders why the Liberals are not doing better in the polls (This guy shows us time and time again that he has no clue but yet expects Canadians to support him and his CONSTANTLY changing positions. What arrogance.


Michael harkov said...

This will make great grist for the Tory war-room mill during the next election - "Ignatieff wants to be the PM......when he can be bothered". :D

maryT said...

Campaign ad:
Iggy and group in front of parliament saying, open these doors, we want to work, while there is a rolling record of the votes he missed or days he did not show up for work.

Frank said...

At Ignatieff's age, he's probably working on a daily quest to have a #1.


Anonymous said...

He already is # 1 as in Turdeau's extended middle finger # 1. Remember?

The_Iceman said...

I love that how'd they vote site. This is bigger than just Iggy. Yes he is gone the most, but virtually his entire caucus exhibits the same behavior. 35 of the top 40 most absent MPs in the house are Liberals. Well over 80% of Liberals have missed at least 10 votes, whereas over 80% of Tories have missed fewer than 10 votes.

Parliament, it is the sovereign after all, right? There are loads of video clips of Liberals being high and mighty about the importance of Parliament being open during prorogation. I see a commercial with a picture of Iggy's empty seat while they scroll down the 70 votes (and counting) he has missed since prorogation.

Ardvark said...

And yet Iffy claims he doesn't know, and he might be the only one, why the LPC are doing so bad in the polls.

Anonymous said...

That C-440 vote was way to close for comfort 136 to 143, we have way to many loons leftys and eco-fascists in parliament.

CanadianSense said...

Leadership rivals must be kept on a short leash.

The Press Conference at the wrong field with the Burlington Mayor giving a rebuke was priceless.

CHCH carried and had a good laugh. Any wonder why MacLean dropped out, NDP have taken Hamilton and they can't field star candidates in the Golden Horseshoe?

The writing is on the wall. He might be on tour for personal reasons, sharing his C.V. at the local university and meeting hiring managers for after the election.