Saturday, October 02, 2010

Peter Mansbridge: "I have no opinion. On anything. Nor should I have."*

*Unless that opinion is on my buddy Lawrence Martin, then I DO hold a strong opinion.

Peter Mansbridge had this to say during the Thursday's At Issue Panel on the CBC National when talking about the Maclean's Magazine cover story on Quebec: "I have no opinion. On anything. Nor should I have."  (9:40 mark)

Sounds good. As the anchor of a national news broadcast he should do his best to stay neutral, but wait a minute, here is what Mansbridge had to say a few minutes later about Lawrence Martin. "I'll say one thing about the book. 'Laurie' Martin is somebody we all know, and is a heck of a good journalist. People going around today in Ottawa, some people you know saying this isn't true, that isn't true. Ill side with Laurie, because of his credentials on journalism and seen the work he has done." ( 12:00 mark)

If that isn't an opinion, what is Mr. Mansbridge?

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Bec said...

Peter,Peter,Peter, you are kidding, right?

This particular Anchor, speaks with his eyes and body language regularly, without uttering a word.

And then, what about the 'koolaid' comment to the US Senator re the oil sands, many posters suggested they heard? (can't find a link)

What about the 'Toronto elite'comment that was dissected and ridiculed?

Perhaps CBC had a staff pow-wow and discussed toning down the rhetoric spewing from their leftie
commune and if they did, it'll be temporary because this network has this behaviour deeply ingrained. Their decades of bias, a nasty habit and there is no magic pill they can swallow to stop the addiction.
Other than cutting off the head of the source, the network itself.

The_Iceman said...

At least Peter admitted that he's not supposed to have an opinion as a CBC anchor. That was a positive step forward, words that will absolutely be used against him in future blogs.

CanadianSense said...

Poor pitiful Peter,

It must be difficult, the realization on how small the audience watching CBC "news".

From six to ten percent today, the addition of American game shows, HNIC, World Cup. Canadian tax funded culture?

The product speaks for itself. CBC speaks for a very small minority of viewers that believe they are not biased and Liberals are still the natural governing party.

Peter where is Toto?

wilson said...

And what about Solomon interviewing the Information Commish, going hard after the govt on not complying with access to information requests 'fast enough', and investigating 'interference'.

All the while CBC is doing court battle, refusing to hand over documents under the 2007 access to info laws.
Courts ruled CBC to hand over docs,
and again CBC is refusing and are appealing.

What is CBC hiding?

Fay said...

Totally agree Wilson. Could not believe self righteous Evan Soloman and panel of Don Newman etc tut tutting at government manipulating access to info laws.
How stupid does CBC think we are?

maryT said...

There was a time when the cbc news anchor just read the news. Too bad someone can't rebroadcast those clips. There was a time when the cbc had great reporters, who just reported the facts.

Anonymous said...

Peter went on to say that there was one mistake in the book ( we all know if there is one mistake there are probably many mistakes)
Larry in his book Harperland said the reform party put out the ad in 1993 election campaign that asked voters if Chretien was the best choice for Prime Minister the media immediately said it was an ad about Chretien's medical facial paralysis
the ad was a Progressive Conservative ad Kim Campbell was the then Prime Minister and for some unknown reason apologized and pulled the ad
the ad was about Leadership
I must give full marks to former Prime Minister Jean Chretien he said "I may speak out of one side of my mouth but I do not speak out of both sides of my mouth like the Conservatives"
ooch! that must have hurt

Anonymous said...

Peter being top dog at the CBC has to be a commie. But as pointed out he is coy and crafty. Bec is correct, the only day those dogs will lay down is when they are put down. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Peter and his principles.
Yeah, right.

thedailyrasp said...

No opinion? Yeah, there may be about 8 people in say, Manitoba that believe that!