Friday, October 29, 2010

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny shoots down Ignatieff's position on the F35

Don Martin's latest.

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny: "
“I would be delighted to take a shot at the Conservatives for their apparent intention to go sole-source on this whopper of a contract, but I can’t,"

"Canada is in danger of falling back into its historic role of hewers of wood and drawers of water with all the technological advances in countries like India and China,” he warned. “We can’t afford to lose ground in the aerospace industry, and our involvement in this contract will create new jobs and opportunities in that and associated industries.”

Read the rest at the National Post.

Related on Ignatieff's latest F-35 policy ( which as per usual is just to oppose the Conservative position)

From the Star Pheonix.

From The Observer.


wilson said...

Bye bye Iffy. Don't forget to write.

Ardvark said...

Ignatieff is going to have to have a little sit down in is office, whenever he feels like returning to his actual job in Ottawa, with Mr. Kenny and probably Keith Martin about embarrassing him in public.

Michael Harkov said...

And what will Iffy say when those guys say, "you gave a pass to 6 Newfoundland MPs for speaking their mind, right?"

You know, the Liberals are usually all over the Tories for the tigh fisted control that PM Harper has over the CPC caucus, but I'm betting that they'd give their right eye for a leader with that kind of strength right about now. :D

CanadianSense said...

I don't know about the rest of the Conservatives but I am ready to send the Liberals to the dustbin of history.

I am getting sick and tired of the political games 24/7 with no substance from the loyal opposition.

I don't expect the Democrats or Bloc to a credible alternative but the Liberals have become a fringe party attacking everything regardless of the consequences.

It is time to send Ignatieff into retirement from politics.

Michael Harkov said...

Yeah CS, I'm starting to see that as well. Time for an election, so that we can send this flip-flopping, spinelss, dilettantish, absent, carpet-bagging fop back to Harvard.

Calgary Junkie said...

I'd like to see the back of Iggy too. But not via an election. I think it's better--certainly a lot more entertaining--if the LPC found some way to dump him or force him to resign.

If you recall, last June, Travers was greasing the skids for Iggy's exit, when he leaked the rumours about Iggy getting a position at the University of Toronto. And Jim mentioned how his wife wasn't happy, others had suggested Iggy take a walk in the snow, etc etc.

So what's happened since then ? Iggy's bus tour supposedly saved him. But that tour only bought Iggy some more time. His momentum has stalled. The horserace numbers are back down. It looks like he blew the recruitement of a candidate for Vaughan. It's all pointing in the wrong direction for him.

I don't think Liberal MPs will cut Iggy much more slack. Surely, when he was appointed leader almost two years ago, guys like Rae didn't give Iggy an open-ended term to keep leading, no matter what ?

Anonymous said...

Like one of the posters said in the comments- "ZZiinngggg!"



maryT said...

Maybe the liberals should sit down with iggy and tell him to quit embarrassing them in public.
Has he made any comment on our jets being called in to escort a plane thru our air space.
re the cost of the new jets. Anyone have a breakdown on how much the liberals wasted re the cancellation of the helicopter deal or the cost of those four subs bought from Britain that didn't work. Libs do not have a great record when it comes to our military and buying equipment for it. Wonder if iggy knows about those horrors.