Monday, October 04, 2010

Has Jack Layton given up on global warming?

How else can this be explained?

NDP Leader Jack Layton is calling on the Tories to show warmth to Canadians by removing the GST on home heating as winter approaches. Because making it cheaper to use any fossil fuels is sure to lower consumption and reduce green house gasses.

Maybe we should call this new NDP policy the 'Orange shift'.


dmorris said...

No, Jack will NEVER give up on AGW, it's his religion,dontchaknow.

But he's fully aware that some of his constituents are going to be a little colder this Winter,and his suggestion, dropping the GST on heating fuel, costs Jack Layton absolutely nothing.

Perhaps if Jack wants to show his solidarity with the "little guy", he should turn his house thermostat down to 15 degrees celsius,and suffer along with the peasants.

Layton DOES have a good point though,heat is essential in Winter,and it shouldn't be taxed at all, GST,PST,or HST.

Jeff said...

So Jack is fighting the Liberals for the same urban base. I remember in the 90's when we were pilloried by the Liberals and wondered when the split vote on the left would work in our favour.

CanadianSense said...

Wedgie Retail Politics

Sounds like a press release by Canadian Press vs a news story.

"NDP Leader Jack Layton is turning the tables on the Harper government over taxes, calling on the Tories to show warmth to Canadians by removing the GST on home heating as winter approaches."

Many costs are included in the delivery of energy to the consumer and business. Why go after 5% GST only?

Jack has been on the record of voting against every tax cut for seniors, students, families introduced by the government. In 2009 he was forced to prop up the Conservatives because Ignatieff blew a gasket.

This is another political stunt for campaign purposes like calling out credit card fees and "dirty" oil from Alberta.

Layton fighting to reduce costs to homeowners will be a bullet on their flyers.

He is trying to save those rural seats in Ontario and out in Atlantic Canada where fossil fuel is used to heat homes.

Anonymous said...

If Jacko Bin Layton gives up on "glowbull" warming I am sure Jim Prentice will pick up the slack.

Rob C