Wednesday, October 06, 2010

They are not even pretending to be non biased anymore.

It looks like CBC Power and Politics has given up even pretending to be non biased.

“Our job — and we take it seriously — is to ensure that the information that we put out is fair and unbiased in everything that we do,” CBC President Hubert Lacroix

Yesterdays Question of the Day: "Is money for home-care a better use of taxpayer dollars than funding corporate tax cuts?"

Seriously, this was the question put up on the CBC website yesterday. It is not bad enough that the results of this bogus poll should be obvious, long before the first vote was cast, to anyone who passed grade 6, but the question itself comes right out of Liberal Party talking points and in fact Ignatieff used almost the exact same words himself when announcing the program. Want to make a wager that if you asked the question: Is buying puppies for everyone better use of taxpayer dollars than tax cuts?, that the puppies would win hands down?

Or better yet ( and I DARE you to ask this one Ryan): Is money for home-care a better use of taxpayer dollars than funding the CBC?

Today's question: "Are you concerned about illegal lobbying for government contracts?"

Wow, I wonder what the final results of this QOTD are going to be. DUH!

What does the CBC think they are accomplishing by rewording LPC talking points into their QOTD? Maybe they should get Frank Graves to write their question for them. On second thought...

“Our job — and we take it seriously — is to ensure that the information that we put out is fair and unbiased in everything that we do,” CBC President Hubert Lacroix

Sure you do

BC Blue on another fair and unbiased report.


Anonymous said...

They are doing it just like Donolo told them to.

Anonymous said...

There is no problem with the question only a problem with the unbalanced analysis that results from those people. (real conservative)

Calgary Junkie said...

The CBC, like the Liberals, takes us for a bunch of morons. As Tom Flanagan pointed out, the government spends money on thousands of things. Their spending decisions are not necessarily either/or porpositions.

For example, you can cut corporate taxes AND fund the Libs home care plan. Just like you can, say, buy fewer jets, and use the savings to cut the deficit. It comes down to a judgement call, largely from the PM and Finance Minister.

Anyway, the Libs are again going to look stupid when they help pass the legislation to bring in the next round of corporate tax cuts. Iggy will absolutely abstain from the vote, and we will use that against him.

The more I see the Libs spouting their silly talking points, the more I wish that Flaherty puts in some kind of poison pill, to force Iggy's hand.

wilson said...

CBC has been in the LPC pocket for so long,
I doubt Donolo has to even instruct them, they are experienced on how to twist and turn the news to tilt Liberal.

The CBC has battled the access to info commish for 3 years, since the CBC came under the law in 2007.

They just appealed a court order to release documents.

Yet no media coverage other than
Sun TV group.

wilson said...

The corp tax cuts become law Jan 1/2011.
Was that voted on in this last supply day vote or when Liberals passed the budget?

johndoe124 said...

The question is obviously biased because you don't "fund" tax cuts. Only a Progressive would state the question in such terms because they have no concept of economics, property rights or wealth creation.

Ardvark said...

The CBC is all giddy today because there was finally something interesting on the show as Coyne and Mulcair debated and the CBC are milking it for all it is worth with another poll question and video highlights up before the show even ended ( a first?) I guess having interest in their show is a novelty over there.

BTW today's poll question on gov't contracts = 91% were 'concerned'.

Oh my, who could have ever predicted a result like that.

CanadianSense said...

Homecare Plan had Nanos+advocates lined up to sell it the same day. The Nanos Report on Healthcare was based on a Poll on Sept 3. The issue "Health care" jump was released October 5 four weeks late?

Something strange? How did Liberals, support for recycled 5x Home care Plan show up with talking points on same day?

When were they consulted to provide back up facts to talk up Liberal policy?

Why is CTV, Global ignoring the violations by the Crown Corp over ATIP called the CBC?

The CBC can release 500 tax funded reports that clear them of bias. It won't fix the damaged brand with the majority of Canadians that no longer tune in.

Their programming sucks, they were at six percent and now they are at 10 percent.

HNIC, World Cup Soccer, American Game shows does not make up for a lack of context or follow up on their News.

That tax funded flight for a team to chase down the private detective on Helena/Jaffer affair?

Why not book a flight and look for the husband or sister of the woman who was trapped and claimed to be a single mother?

Why not book a flight to East Coast and ask the Priest or Editor about the wafer story?

Limited damage by CBC. They are only talking to already converted. The rest of us don't trust 90% of what they report. We are skeptical and informed.

Only 10% of Canadians are tuned in to CBC. None of their News programs make the Top 30.

The_Iceman said...

They should ask the question: "who would you like to win the next election?" See how it pans out.

Sometimes I run similar poll questions that often get mirror opposite results. I have asked the above question and the result was 94% Tory. Our Blogging Tory audience has a preference for the Tory Party, and that is reflected in our polls. Soloman's audience has a strong preference for the left wing parties and it is reflected in the polls.

The difference is that it says I vote Conservative at the top of my site and I fully admit to being a Conservative. As Manbridge said, they should not have an opinion a news information show. O'Malley is another example of a glorified Liblogger who has to pretend to be non partisan.

Blame Crash said...

Why call them bias when it's plain as day that what they really are is bald faced liars.

Ardvark said...

Because I am afraid if I expose the truth that they will act like little children and block me.

Ok that's not really the reason but being nuanced is better than fighting a libel battle.

Martin said...

I was thinking of an alternate question of the day CBC might ask:

Are you concerned about non-registered foreign organizations trying to influence CRTC decisions?

I don't expect to hear it anytime soon.

Ardvark said...

Martin you might be interested in this link about a Canadian complaining about foreign influence.

BTW he is on US television complaining about foreign influence in the US.