Friday, October 15, 2010

Edmonton votes Oct 18. My Choice for Mayor.

This Monday October 18th Edmonton votes and IMHO this time around there is only 1 real choice to defeat Stephen Mandel, our current liberal leaning mayor who feels that the people of Edmonton do not even deserve a say in what happens to our airport, and that is David Dorward.

David Dorward is a fiscal conservative business man with a long record of community service who understands that the citizens of Edmonton deserve a say in how this city operates and that they are not just a source of revenue for the pet projects of the mayor and city council.

The Edmonton municipal election is only a few days away and although our election is not nearly getting the media attention of the Toronto mayoralty race, the stakes are just as high if not higher ( letting the people be heard on the permanent closure of the City Centre Airport) So if you have yet to make up your mind there is still time to do some research and make an informed choice when you head out to vote this upcoming Monday.  Stephen Mandel believes that he already has the election in the bag, as his indifference to the voters at the mayoralty debates clearly demonstrates, and he (and many other incumbent councilors) need to be reminded just who they are supposed to be working for.

On Monday Oct 18th, lets show the mayor and city council that they cannot take the citizens of Edmonton for granted.  Get out and vote Edmonton!


Ardvark said...

Not my list and I haven't done the necessary research needed for proper endorsments but here is a list of candidates by ward who favour the people having their say:

Ward 1 - Linda Sloan

Ward 2 - Don Koziak

Ward 3 - Terry Demers

Ward 4 - Dan Backs

Ward 5 - Steve Bergeron

Ward 6 - James Johnson

Ward 7 - Tony Caterina

Ward 8 - Lori Jeffery-Heaney

Ward 9 - Calvin Lim

NO pro democracy candidate is running in Ward 10

Ward 11 - Kerry Diotte ( my ward and yes I do endorse Kerry)

Ward 12 - Chuck McKenna

Chuck said...

That's a good looking council!

Ward 6 is prime for an upset. Batty is backing down from her record on council and Johnson is giving her a lot of heat.

Keep an eye out for that.

Anonymous said...

Dorwood lost my vote when he spammed my home phone with recorded BS three times.

Close the damn airport already and be done with it...