Thursday, October 28, 2010

Congratulations Michael Ignatieff, You are now Number 1!

I believe in giving credit where credit due, and Michael Ignatieff deserves full credit and a hearty congratulations for finally reaching #1.

Number one at what you ask; read on...

Michael Ignatieff has now reached the top spot on the list of  Members of Parliament absent from recorded votes in the House of Commons and is clearly #1 at skipping out on his job of representing the people who elected him to be their voice in Ottawa in order to do other (and I assume more important to him) things. In essence proving that he is in it for himself.
Ignatieff's voting record:

In the 40th Parliament, 3rd session (March 2010 - Present) out of the 125 recorded divisions, Michael Ignatieff was recorded as absent a total 96 times which works out to him missing votes 76% of the time.


While you may be personally shocked by the 76% figure, missing votes in Parliament is really nothing new for Ignatieff.

In the second session of the 40th Parliament (Jan 2009-Dec 2009) Ignatieff was recorded as absent on 76 separate recorded divisions. When taken together with his 3rd session record (above) it brings the total to a whopping 172 times that Ignatieff has been absent from recorded votes in the House of Commons since his election undemocratic appointment as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada in Dec 2008.

That is a lot of absences by anyone's standard but what makes it even harder to understand is that it is Ignatieff and the Liberal party who scream the loudest  in front the media about getting back to work, working hard for Canadians, padlocking parliament, and spinning to the people that the Liberals are working hard at being a realistic alternative in the next election. They like to talk a good game but the record of Ignatieff and the Liberals proves otherwise. ( Note the total number of Liberals in the top 50 of that list. 72% are Liberals while just 6% are Conservatives. Bonus: for added fun scroll down the list to the bottom and note which party clearly has the best voting record.)

So stand proud Michael. The top spot is now yours and you continue to be a shining example of how hard the Liberal Party of Canada works for themselves on behalf of the people of Canada. Today is your day Michael; enjoy it.

Preemptive counter spin: You may hear that one of the reasons that Ignatieff missed so many votes was because he does not vote on private members bills, but don't believe it because that is nothing but a flat out lie.


Hinchey's Store said...

Thank you for pointing that out! It's official: Ignatieff is #1! This should add to the stuff they can use against him in the next election!

CanadianSense said...

Great news for the Liberals!

After the wipe out in the province in New Brunswick, loss of Smitherman in Toronto this is finally some good news.

Touring to meet "the Canadians" is important after spending so many years away.

Hopefully the Liberal MPs won't mind Ignatieff being absent for the balance of this session or lack of support for their private members bill's.

Anonymous said...

A personal prorogation?

jad said...

I don't quite get the "I don't vote on private members' bills" thing even if it were true. Is he trying to imply they are just not worth him wasting his time on them ?

BTW, just for comparison, maybe you could put up the voting numbers for PMSH.

I seriously hope the Conservatives run some major ads on this topic next election. It's apparently small things like this that really get people fired up. Kind of like David Dingwal being "entitled" to charge for his chewing gum.

wilson said...

Ignatieff, Just Visiting
who knew he would acutally live up to this charactorization!

Jeff said...

An objective journalist would write an article on this. Might even compare the voting record of the Coalition's leader to other Canadian opposition leaders in recent history.

wilson said...

AA, tweets travel fast, you should send your post to someone at Sun media.

Ardvark said...

Good idea Wilson, but I also added a couple from the CBC and Wicary from the Globe and Mail to the tweet.

Lets see what happens.

Bec said...

Astonishing accomplishment, good for Michael!

I say, it's so fantastic that there should be a prominent MARQUIS for this potential, gold statue earning actor, to pose under.
Include another Time Square advertising moment to cap it off, I say! It's indeed worthy of that being such a NUMBER 1 icon.

Impressive, impressive indeed. This country is so blessed with this dedication to his art!

wilson said...

And Iffy's expenses are more than TWICE what PMSHs are.

They are online now.
Just check the box of as many MPs as you are interested in,
goto top of page and click next,
and check out their expense accounts.

Jack Laytons expense account is almost 3x higher than PMSH, coming in at a whopping $628,913.68

h/t Brian Lilley Sun media

Ardvark said...

Why are Ignatieff's office expenses so high? He is never in Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

THey should have to post all of their expenses every last one of them.
After Lisa Raitt was knowingly allowed to spend $9000.00 of our money on one lunch at the Harbour Steakhouse & a total of $50000.00 at same Steakhouse & nothing was done about it.I would think there must be a lot more doing the same thing or she should have been forced out for stupidity & had to pay back the tax payers out of her own money, she wouldn't be doing it had it came out of her own pocket.

Anonymous said...

I would like a list now of the Liberals Expenses & the NDP being we have the conservatives want to how they compare