Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What would make the Liberals happier: a double dip recession, or proof of our troops committing torture?

I am having trouble trying to guess which of the following would make the Liberals happier?

Canada entering into the second part of a double dip recession or having proof of Canadian troops participating in torture.

It is hard question to answer because if you do answer it honestly you know that the Liberal are cheering for both to happen.

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Just a quick comment on the it is Iffy's fault spin:

Ignatieff's comments on Canada not being deserving to win a seat on the UNSC were not to blame for the loss but there can be little doubt that they did nothing to help Canada at the UN.


CanadianSense said...

Don't forget the "getaway driver" who sent out a fundraising letter hoping H1N1 would be our Katrina.

I have been saying this for a long time. Liberals are a scary bunch.

Ardvark said...

The sad truth is that the Liberals are hoping that Canada fails.

Jeff said...

I have to confess that I agree with the leader of the Coalition -- Canada was undeserving. The UN requires that the deserving ones be all anti-Israel all the time. Based on that metric alone, we failed. How will I survive this day knowing that the country I love has been shunned by the UN?

Anonymous said...

Canada will be loved by commies when all conservatives are dead. Sad but true. (real conservative)

jad said...

And you knew someone was going to say this about the arrests of suspected Tamil Tigers in Thailand:

Canada’s involvement in the arrest of 155 Sri Lankan migrants in Thailand, some of whom reportedly were set to board the next smuggling ship, is raising questions whether Canada may be “blurring the lines” between legitimate asylum seekers and those involved in human trafficking activities.

As Thailand isn’t bound by several key UN human rights treaties, concerns have also been raised whether Canada may be complicit should migrants face persecution, if deported.
(emphasis added)

From today's Times Colonist.

Anonymous said...

jad.. I would like to believe most thinking Canadians could not give a rat's a@@ what happens to these "migrants" if Thailand throws them back.

Rob C

Jeff said...

About Ignatieff's comments sinking our UNSC ambitions, read

Did the leader of the Coalition play along with an effort by the Obama administration to deny Canada that seat on the UNSC?

Anonymous said...

Face it, the Liberals would gleefully love to tear down the Conservative government and even the very fabric of the country along with it if it would give them power.

Ignatieff spouting off about Canada not being worthy of a seat on the SC of the rag-tag United Nations was hardly helpful given he is the leader of the Official Opposition, but even without his dissing of his own country we had little chance against the Muslim voting bloc.
Anyone who supports Israel has no chance. Ignatieff says he now supports Israel so he would not have been able to do any better given the makeup of the UN.

The UN is one of the more useless bodies ever giving legitimacy to some of the world's worst regimes.