Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Odds and ends.

A few things garnered from across the net that I found interesting.

Political correctness run amok as editors decide that cartoon which doesn't even have Muhammad in it is too controversial to print.    Story here, and cartoon here

Speaking of editors. "Beased", ahem!

Obama's former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel makes a video about home.

George Galloway show us here exactly why he will NEVER sue Jason Kenney.

Hope for the unemployable peeping tom sect or perhaps the future of CCTV in Canada?

And finally support Canadian art, Terry and Deaner need your help. (Warning a sense of humour required.  NSFW) Bonus footage with a VERY familiar background.


Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

I have this vision of a conversation between Minister Jason Kenney and George Galloway.

Jason K. to George G.: ". . . Well, yeah. . . okay George, thanks for your invitation to rumble, as we say here. Just remember - you're now in Canada.

HERE, our youngsters go a few rounds as well as you may have. It's just that HERE, we do our brawling with sharp-bladed Taks on our feet, our own special gloves on our hands, and hardwood sticks in our clutches.

Oh yes - and did I mention, that HERE, once we get all tricked out, we tend to do all this fighting on a slippery, cold sheet of ice?

So, Georgie - here's the thing: YOU get to pick the date,time, hockey arena, the sweaters, our gloves and stick, your ambulance service, and where you'd like to have your scruffy remains delivered. Okay?

I can hardly wait to pull your sweater up over your head and paste you into the afterlife. Right now I gotta go, I hear a box of timbits calling my name. See you at center-ice, mate!

And, Please note: The Marqius of Queensbury Rules are null and void in a hockey brawl."

George G.: "Huh? wuzzat? Did he actually accept my challenge? What's a hockey brawl? When's the next flight outta town?"




maryT said...

Lots of talk all over re the Chicago race for Mayor. When is that election.