Friday, October 22, 2010

Ignatieff tries to bridge the enormous gap between men and women.

Michael Ignatieff was busy campaigning again yesterday holding another open mike event and taking questions from the public. The previous one didn't go as well as he had hoped and from initial reports it looks like this one may have ended up the same way.

Some have said that last night Ignatieff discovered his feminine side, but if you take a look at what he actually had to say I would suggest that it was more like Ignatieff found his inner caveman rather than any so called 'feminine side'.

 Here is what he had to say while speaking about the recent Russell Williams murder trial:

 "I don't quite know what it's like to look at that news through a woman's eyes, but I can sort of imagine how difficult that week has been," 

"The thing that's so awful about this week is the breaking of that basic trust that we have to have between men and women in order to raise families, live with each other, work together as citizens. And a very bad man did that a lot of harm this week."

Yup, that was Michael Ignatieff claiming in one breath that he can't imagine what women must have thought about the Williams trial, but yet arrogantly claiming in another breath that relations between men and women ( every single one of us) has been somehow set back because of what some individual wacko did. I am sure every woman in the country is now eternally grateful for having Michael Ignatieff around to tell them about their future relations and trust with men and how they should be feeling rather than allowing them to think and feel for themselves. A true feminist ever their ever was one!

Think I am taking that a little bit too far?  Just take a look at what else Ignatieff had to say, this time after a female University of Ottawa student asked him if he's in touch with his "feminine side" and able to represent the concerns of women?"

"I think it is true, in fact, that men and women both have a feminine side and a masculine side.
And thank God we do. It's one of the things that allows us to get over that enormous gap that separates men and women."

I will leave the stereotypical comment about the so called  'feminine and masculine' sides alone because Ignatieff was more than likely just searching for a quick way to respond to the question and didn't realize how utterly cookie cutter and un-progressive it was, but I do need some serious clarification on his next comment about that "enormous gap" that separates men and women.

What exactly in Michael Ignatieff's mind makes up this enormous gap? I doubt that he was referring to biological differences or even something like wage parity because those would make no sense in terms of context, so just what was Ignatieff talking about. 

Are all women more emotional or have different emotions than men, do they think or act differently, are they less rational, capable, or intelligent than men, or maybe women really are from Venus while men do come from Mars. 

I don't know the answer to what he meant with his enormous gap comment but believe me when I say that I am looking forward to watching professor Ignatieff trying to spin answer that question today. That is if some in the media care enough to call him out for these obviously stereotypical remarks.

Time to be open with all of us Mike. If you would be so kind as to please define for us what you believe that enormous gap that separates men and women is, those of us who believe that men and women are equal would appreciate the clarification and no doubt we all would be better off for it.

Update: so far no one in the media has asked Ignatieff to clarify his comments but Scott Feschuk called them  'beyond f'ing stupid' and Andrew Coyne called the comment 'beyond asinine'.

Charles Adler deals with Iffy's comments in his monologue. Brings up a good point about Ignatieff dividing men and women.


Ruth said...

I think it's time for Iggy to just keep his mouth shut!!

UsualSuspect said...

Iggy doesn't seem to be very comfortable in his new panty-hose. He looks very awkward and disingenuous at these staged events.

CanadianSense said...

If you recall when two young children were neglected, froze to death because the parents were too busy in the consumption of alcohol he blamed Canada.

It appears he can't find fault of an individual unless he is a conservative.

It is a shame the Ignatieff views prior to running for the LPOC are verboten.

Michael Harkov said...

So the same with Sussan Smith and Andrea Yates...... does that make ALL men question the fitness of ALL women as mothers and should it?

Good gravy just shut-up Ignatieff, you ass.

Michael Harkov said...

This is exactly what happens when Iffy's handlers aren't around to keep their leash on.

No Ruth, more slack on the leash please, and often; people need to see stuff like this so that they don't even consider allowing this dilettantish, carpet-bagging fop to become the leader of our country.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Ignatieff continually addresses people in a very condescending manner.

He seems very uncomfortable talking to people as an equal for fear of offending someone (or anyone)for exppressing what we call an opinion. He can only speak in platitudes.

The Red Fox said...

I don't want to litter the slopes with bodies. There may be people who I've left behind who feel that I was ruthless, and if they feel that, then all I can say is — I wouldn't apologize — all I could say is, I don't want to hurt people.
— Michael Ignatieff
I would like to hear Susan Barrowclough's views on Ignatieffs newly found family values and feminine side.

Bec said...

""The thing that's so awful about this week is the breaking of that basic trust that we have to have between men and women in order to raise families, live with each other....."

I wonder if leaving your wife and 2small children, for your publicist mistress, fits into that category.

Some experts have compared THAT experience to a death too!

As well, my spidey senses tingle every time he refers to his Mom, lately. There is just something missing that equates as a distance and disconnect that he attempts to gloss over.
He tries to sound as though he was present and cared but I don't sense for a moment that he was present and cared.
I sense he was ashamed.

Calgary Junkie said...

It's too bad we don't have more reporters like that kid who asked a simple, short question about a specific event. Anything else, and we get gobbledygook from the guy.

Surely the ppg pack are getting as bored with Iggy by now as the rest of us junkies ? Come on guys, try asking him something like what kind of car he drives.

jad said...

Great minds think alike , AA. Just posted a similar comment on BLY, which is up and running again.

frmgrl said...

Jad,how long has BLY been back? I still can't get on.

wilson said...

Breaking the trust between men and women... are you freaking kidding Iffy!

What is that saying, that all men have a dark side to be scared of?
That all women are vulnerable to the masculine evil?

Way to escalate the fear generated by 'a' monster, Iffy.

maryT said...

AG I just got on to BLY, slowly her people are finding her again. I used my bookmark to get on.

jad said...

frmgirl, she's been back up since this morning

frmgrl said...

I still can't get on to BLY. This is what I get instead.

"Service unavailable.
Please check back later…"

jad said...

frmgirl, try shutting down for 10 minutes and then starting up again. Otherwise I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I was close to forgetting that Iggy existed in the past week and dang you had to write a column about him. (real conservative)

maryT said...

If iggy thinks all women will look at men with doubt, how about children looking at their parents with fear, or how about parents looking at their kids with fear, as parents have killed their children, and vice versa. There is a boy/man being returned for trial as he killed his parents cause they called him a deadbeat for being hungover and in bed at noon. And then we have spouses killing each other, possibly thinking they were a bear.

Anonymous said...

The more I hear from Ignatieff the more I wonder about the level of his much touted smarts.

Keep on with your professorial musings
Mr Iggy, you'll be using them again for real.

Chuck said...

Sounds like Iffy is channelling Alan Alda.