Saturday, October 09, 2010

Prime Minister Harper's visit to Edmonton Oct 8, 2010

PM Harper was in town yesterday and it looks like he had quite the full day.

He started the day doing an 'interesting' radio interview with Dave Rutherford. Transcript here.

A short time later the PM  he announced an $1.95 million investment in the Alberta high-technology sector towards Nanotechnology products for the expanding worldwide market which is expected to be reach $3 trillion by 2015.

Following the tech announcement the PM headed back to school where he took part in Edmonton's 'read in week' by reading the book Thanks for Thanksgiving to a grade 2 class at Kensington elementary. I bet there were more than a few surprised students there yesterday.  Story links here and here.

In the evening the PM spoke at a local hotel where he gave what sounded a lot like a campaign style speech to the assembled party faithful, and to put it mildly the PM didn't hold back. Story here (btw I think the #'s were closer to 800 then 500)  All I can say is that when the 3 opposition parties do get together and decide to pull the plug to force an election ( and it will take ALL 3 to do so), the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister look ready to go.

And this time no one is going to be shy about using the word 'majority'.


Anonymous said...

You are right Ardvark, I watched and heard bits and pieces and I got to say that I was pumped up. When the PM gets out there and shows some pre-game emotion it gets my adrenalin flowing.

Jeff said...

Hey Andrew Hanon, I appreciated your article. Thanks AA for linking to the transcript of the Rutherford interview. What's the most the leader of the Coalition can get into a room? With one week's notice. From an automated phone call invitation. On the Friday of Thanksgiving. Maybe that's an uncomfortable question.

Jeff said...

And what's with the love affair the Coalition has with crime and criminals?

Calgary Junkie said...

Dr. Roy had a video of Harper's stump-style speech for Chris Alexander in Ajax-Pickering. The biggest applause was for when Harper mentioned how the gov't stopped the pension checks for criminal scum bags (i.e. Clifford Olson).

So yes, he was preaching to the converted. But this kind of feedback will help Harper fine-tune his messages.

Harper obviously has no shortage of issues that will pump up the troops during a campaign. Iggy has more of a challenge, which Liberal nervous nellies don't really know if he is up to it.

Anonymous said...

If Alberta is smart they will take oil money and try to build a new silicon valley somewhere in Alberta that develops 21st century technology. Are they smart?? (real conservative)