Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time for 2 Liberal MP's to pay the piper.

Liberal MPs Judy Sgro and John Cannis have been busted for breaking the rules and now must break out the cheque book to pay back the taxpayer.

"The House of Commons has ordered at least two MPs to pay back thousands of tax dollars the government paid for their rent after a Chronicle Herald-Ottawa Citizen investigation early this summer found they were breaking rules that barred MPs from renting from family members.
Toronto Liberal MP John Cannis was ordered to pay back more than $80,000, and York West MP Judy Sgro, also a Grit, paid more than $60,000, a source said.

Cannis has refused comment on this matter since last June and Sgro has previously stated that she had no idea she was violating the rules; and why would she think so, because owning a condo yourself and then transferring the title to your kids so you can charge your rent to the Canadian taxpayer is just something that anyone would do in similar circumstances and happens every day in Ottawa.  NOT! 

Updated: Judy, Judy, Judy......"To claim such expenses, MPs must sign a travel expense claim, certifying that their claims comply with the bylaws of the board of internal economy. The first rule in those bylaws forbids MPs from entering into a "contract for goods, services, premises or employment" with a family member. "    

So the taxpayer gets some money back and the 2 Liberal MP's go about their business, thanks to the majority of the MSM who will ignore the story, as if nothing happened.

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Jen said...

And when is CBC going to open 'our' books in which should have detailed infomation to/on expenditure on items things people salaries etc are detailed.

CBC refuse to open our books which tells me they CBC, is hiding something huge from us.

1.4BILLION DOLLARS go to CBC every years and all they can generate is 8% viewership. where is our money going?

Jen said...

As you mentioned 'the media is not talking' yet let it be a conservative to do what Sgro did and I bet you, Sgro herself with the media at her side will be all over the conservative.

They liberals and the media, do that regularly.

CanadianSense said...

What is $ 140k, failure to provide a breathalyzer sample or CBC expense between friends?

We angry old people don't need to worry that those caring progressives do with our tax dollars.

'nothing to see here'

They have larger pressing issues like a security breach or hiding wafers to investigate.

Jen said...

And when is CBC going to open 'our' books

Correction or rephrase 'and when is CBC going to open CBC'S BOOKS which belong to us

I rephrase the sentence just in case one wonder what 'our' refers too

E Mac said...

You can also add to this list: When are the hopefuls that ran during the last election going to be paying off their debts. Elections Canada has given them all the breaks they deserve. Who's hiding what from whom?
Cue the AG and let's get to the bottom of this.
I'm madder then Hell.

E Mac.

Jeff said...

Hey all you brave journalists. Where are you? You guys and gals who patted each other on the back in journalist school when you committed to each other that you'd go after those tough stories. You'd dig for the puck in the corner and bloody your nose to uncover the truth. Where are you?

paulsstuff said...

I'm sure Kady would be all over this were she not tied up looking into the Climate-Gate emails.

Maybe if Soros wrote a letter to the CRTC regarding this rent scandal Kady would give it the time it deserves.

Calgary Junkie said...

Another hit to the msm's credibility. How much lower can it go ? Do they even realize that consumers of their "news" will again ask themselves the obvious question:

If the msm are running interference for the Libs on this story, what else are they hiding ?

When most of them failed to report Iggy's "I don't vote on Private Member's Bills", we are left to wonder: what other bald-faced, easily checked lies has Iggy uttered, and gotten away with ?

Fay said...

I am really wondering if peter Donolo with the National press gallery are leading the Liberal Party. At least Dion tried to lead with his own idea. Iggy appears to have none of his own ideas.

maryT said...

How long has Judy S been an MP, and she didn't know she was breaking the law. How many other laws is she breaking that she doesn't know are illegal.
Is she really that stupid that she expects the voter to believe her.

Greg said...

I can't believe she would actually say she didn't know it was "wrong" - was there some part of her that felt it was "right" ???

Where are the ethics the people that are lined up to run this country are supposed to have? This is disgusting.

Frances said...

Did Ms Sgro own another residence at the time she purchased the Ottawa condo? If so, then CRA should be checking her income tax return for the year she transferred the condo to the kids. You don't get to have two principal residences at the same time so, if the condo was worth more at the time of transfer than when she purchased it, she had a capital gain which - under CRA rules - one MUST report.

I don't know the circumstances of the other MP's transgression, but there could be tax consequences for him as well.