Monday, June 07, 2010

Judy Sgro. Just one reason the Liberals fear an audit of their expenses.

Judy Sgro, MP for York West and a former minister of citizenship and immigration, acknowledged on Friday that she has been renting the two-bedroom downtown condo from her three adult children since 2006.

The bylaws of the board of internal economy, the all-party committee that supervises MP expenses, forbid MPs from hiring family members or contracting goods or services from them

The article goes on to tell us that Sgro used to own that very same condo but transferred title to her children back in 2006 and has been paying $1,833 a month rent to her own kids for that condo .



Anonymous said...

It's obvious; you won't say it, but I will, she is ripping off the tax payer.

Anonymous said...

That goes a ways towards explaining why the LIEBERALS are against an audit, but it doesn't explain why the other parties are ALSO against it; I'd be willing to say that they ALL have some particularly stinky fish in their closets, and none of them want any of that exposed to the peasants that pay their wages and pensions. Until an audit is carried out, I won't be donating any more money to the party.

E Mac said...

I believe all parties are complicit to some extent with this type of (chicanery), some more than others. Looking back history-wise, it appears the same people are involved time-and-again.
No government is immune to such happenings, so yes, the AG should be involved and delve into the situation and should their be grounds for criminal prosecution, then so be it.
Perpetrators' should be fined and incarceration would be recommended. None of us are above the law!

Kit said...

Doesn't this woman have a history of hiring friends? Has she not already been caught ripping off the taxpayer? This woman appears to be a habitual criminal... why is she not charged?

Bec said...

"“For personal reasons, I put the condo in the kids’ names,” she said. “I had no idea at any time there would be a conflict.”"

I can stomach the "personal reasons" IF AND ONLY IF, she didn't turn around and re-rent it FIRST and for an above market price, SECOND.

She clearly will profit on the investment (her kids nest egg) eventually and we the tax payers have paid the mortgage, thus the investment.

What exactly do these people pay out of pocket for anyway? I am really disgusted by all of this as thousands of Canadians struggle to make ends meet in their lives, these people bank their paycheque in theirs.

It's no wonder they get the attitudes they do about entitlement. THEY ARE!

Loyal Tory said...

I wonder how many strippers she's got cleaning the condo and doing the laundry?

Honey Pot said...

That is quite the scam, paying yourself rent by using your kids names as the landlords.

It is going to get real ugly as Canadians find out just how their hard earned tax dollar is being spent by unethical politicians.

jad said...

How does ANYONE, even a Liberal, manage to claim that giving her kids a condo and then paying them (taxpayer money) to rent it back from them is somehow NOT unethical, immoral and just plain WRONG ?

Ardvark said...

Original cost $138,000

"Rent" $22,000 yr x 5 years = $110,000.

Another year and that sucker would have been almost paid in full.

wilson said...

Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher,
thumbs up for FINALLY exposing real scandal, rather than chasing wafers!

Any MP abusing the system should be sent a bill, demanding the return of taxpayer money + penalty.
In the next election, their constituants can decide if they are worthy of their trust.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need to have a MPs residence complex. Similar to assisted living complexes. Then we can have scheduled bus service from complex to parliment, no more limos. The only people with their own residence would be the PM and GG. No living allowance required then.

Frances said...

Are the children declaring the income?

Anonymous said...

now all we need are some allegations of busty hookers...where is the msm when you need them!


Joe said...

Crooked bastards. Burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Hey kids! Let's all escape personal responsibility and play the "personal reasons" game:

“For personal reasons, I put the condo in the kids’ names,” said Judy Sgro.

Yes! Well done, Judy. Who else wants to play?

"For personal reasons, I took envelopes stuffed full of cash and didn't claim any of it on my income tax return," said Brian Mulroney.

"For personal reasons, I was driving my car with a bag of coke in my pocket," said Rahim Jaffer.

"For personal reasons, I spent money that didn't belong to me," said Bernie Madroff.

Oops, sorry Bernie! You're not a Canadian politician! When you got caught, you had to pay the price for being a crook.

condo manila said...

I also wonder how many strippers she's got cleaning the condo and doing the laundry?

Deirdre G