Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why did Ignatieff miss so many votes?

Since Ignatieff is going to be running from camera to camera this summer trying once again to revive his dismal political hopes, (how many do-overs can 1 man get?) it would be nice if some enterprising reporter asks him why he has the second worst voting record among our 308 MP's.

Considering all of Iffy's, and the Liberal Party's, bluster over getting parliament to work for the Canadian people during prorogation, I would love to hear his answer.

BTW my MP Mike Lake had a perfect record when it came to votes this session and if you look at the list please note the number of Conservative MP's who totally dominate the bottom ( the best voting record) of that list.

In fact out of the best 100 voting records, 88 of them are from the CPC! On the other end, 60 out the worst 100 offenders are Liberals! So who are the ones that are working hard for Canadians again?

How did your MP do?

H/T The Iceman.


Bec said...

Holy smokes, there are only 7 Liberal MP's hanging with the good guys and most of the Conservative MP's that are in the high absenteeism category are Minister's and still from a percentage POV, run circles around ALL of the other party's.

I'm shocked at this and especially after all the BS and drama created by these losers and the media over prorogation.

I think we need a committee to investigate attendance...haha!

maryT said...

I would rather iggy be asked, why did you miss so many votes, instead of why did you miss a photo op.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult for the Iggomaniac to attend these votes since he can't seem to make up his mind which side of any subject he is on.

CanadianSense said...

Liberals can't afford the airfare, hotels to send Iggy and his team on red eyes to criss cross the country.

He needs to get to the bus termninal early, cash in those Air Miles to get those discounts for cheaper flights.

Lean times at LPOC?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that list is pathetic. Wanna bet the media totally ignore it.

Frances said...

The NDP doesn't have that great a record, either. Both the Bloc and the Libs have people better than their best.