Friday, June 18, 2010

Something for Kory Teneycke to consider the next time he is interviewed.

Here is something that Kory Teneycke could consider doing the next time that the media attacks interviews him on the proposed Sun TV where predictably he will be called out for being an conservative and asked if that will influence the new networks balance.

When asked about his conservative stance, which to his credit he readily admits, Kory should again say that yes he is a conservative and that he has no problem admitting this; then he should turn to whomever asked him that question and ask them:

What about yourself? Who do you support and why don't you let your viewers know so they can filter your work and possible biases appropriately?

Watch this little exchange on CBC's Power and Politics with Don Newman for an example of what I am talking about. What would have Newman of Soloman said if he would have asked them to come clean and be honest with CBC viewers?

Want to make a bet that he would not get an honest answer if he did ask?

Sorry about that. We already know what would happen and I don't expect anyone to be dumb enough to actually make a wager on a question that is the definition of a sucker bet.

The only downside is that Kory wants to get media attention; not drive it away.

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The_Iceman said...

I was channel surfing the radio on the way to work this morning, and I stumbled onto Q on the CBC who was talking about Sun TV. Some whack from proclaimed that there is only one Liberal in the entire Canadian media, Rick Sultan at the Globe. Taber isn't Liberal, Van Dussen isn't Liberal, O'Malley isn't Liberal (I suspect Kady might actually be a Dipper, same with Rosie), Traversety is not a Liberal. She even said that Chantal Hebert is an independent!

Alan Greg once worked for the Tories, and as such is a Tory. The panel was calling the station Harper TV, under the belief that Teneycke is just a sock puppet.

Honey Pot said...

All you have to do is listen to Kory speak, and it is pretty obvious he is his own man. Kory is a king maker, the guy behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Kory isn't one of those people that you would like to piss off, because you just know, he will get you.

Jen said...

Kory should say to canadians "canadians here's what the msm is not telling you" -then he list them.

Kory should not allow the msm to intimidate him with their rantings, in fact, I think he should take great enjoyment watching the msm hyperventilate.