Friday, June 04, 2010

Kudos to CBC's Evan Solomon

Must see video clip from Thursdays episode of CBC's Power and Politics with Evan Soloman.

IMHO perhaps the best 30 seconds of CBC produced material you have seen all year as host Evan Soloman totally owns NDP MP Pat Martin. (not including sports)

I almost fell out of my chair when Soloman looked at Martin, opened up his arms and said "So maybe......" giving Martin the last second opportunity to come clean and see the hypocrisy of his statements; Martin however never took the very polite cue from Solomon and as a result Martin now looks like a buffoon.

Way to go Evan Soloman! Full kudos for a job well done and an example to others of how to do things.

BLY has more on the interview here and the full episode of P&P is available here. Cue to approx the 1:16:00 mark for the start of the segment and also note how clueless Jack Layton, the guy who may lead the coalition, is about Martin's well publicized remarks.

Update: Ryan Hicks has a blog post up with the entire segment HERE.


Speaking of kudos and the CBC.

Hockey Night in Canada's Ron MacLean helped save a mans life in Philadelphia and deserves a shout out as well for his actions. WTG!


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great job with the video clip! I'll have to let my readers know. Much easier than wading through the whole two hours.

I saw that Ron Maclean story too last night. Yes very good job on his part too.

Who knew Blogging Tories would be supporting the CBC? I hope it doesn't go to their heads.

Bec said...

"Who knew Blogging Tories would be supporting the CBC?"

Baby steps!

My question for Pat Martin, "why Pat, does a comparison such as the one given need to take place before you recognise the reality that you were wearing a white pointy hat?"

Can someone pony up what occurred with Ron Maclean?

Anonymous said...

For Bec's benefit:


Fay said...

I sure hope Charles Adler picks up on this. Pat Martin has already been in the spotlight in Winnipeg for dissing a Christian Youth group volunteering support to the poor in his downtown riding in Winnipeg.Every one watching him sees he is full of hate and one wonders how he can give counsel to his constituents. Pat Martin apparently lives in Victoria BC and only visits Winnipeg.

Ardvark said...

Credit where credit is due; out of the crop of politcal 'hosts' out there I would have to say that Evan Solomon is the one who tries his hardest to be fair.

The Iceman may not agree, but on average I think Solomon does a good job.

Mark said...

Evan Solomon is one of the few at CBC that tries to play the objective middle.

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched TV in years so it was a bit interesting to watch that segment. I have to say that Evan has become a very skilled interviewer now, good for him. He was pretty bland in the early years. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

One good interview does not make Solomon trustworthy.


Patrick Ross said...

It was kind of hard to read if Pat Martin realized how badly he'd just screwed himself when he said he'd condemn someone who declared Muslims to be "creepy".

Of course he would! He needs to hit cheap political paydirt somehow. said...

It is time that the government greatly reduces funding for CBC. It is a waste of Tax Payer Money. I have had enough, listening to a hord of Schmucks discussing $5.00 dollars worth of Letterheaded stationary, sent in a clerical error, as if it is the end of the World. How much did CBC pay for all that programming for the last 3-4 days ? 250,000.00 two hundred and fifty thousand and more !!!! It is Time to cut staff of CBC " Top Down " Enough of all this waste in TaxPayer Money !!!