Tuesday, June 08, 2010

More details emerge on the Pablo Rodriguez incident.

The Chronicle Herald took a look at a police report on the April 16 incident involving Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez.

Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez was red-eyed and smelled of alcohol after losing control of his BMW and colliding with a parked car late at night in downtown Montreal. "In spite of my encouragement to blow, Rodriguez breathed very weakly and cut his breath repeatedly, all the while holding the plastic tip at the edge of his lips," the Montreal Police Service officer reported, and after numerous attempts "He told me that he was not able to breath any other way," said the officer’s report. "I informed him that he would be charged if he refused to breathe adequately."

"Rodriguez told me several times that we were going to damage his career that he had taken 30 years to build," the officer reported. "He also mentioned that he hoped that it wasn’t because he was in the Liberal party that I was charging him. I told the monsieur that I was only doing my job."

A party spokesperson said last month that Rodriguez would keep his caucus job while he deals with his legal issue.


Jen said...

I thought that the liberals supposed to feel safe wherever they are or go. Pablo assuming that since the LPOC have gotten away with it for years with the media help of course. he was hoping that this applies to the POLICE as well.

CanadianSense said...

It sounds like he was trying to suggest his career is more important than following the instructions of the officer.

Two sets of rules?

Ardvark said...

He played the victim card (being a Liberal MP) as if that would help.

Too funny.

Honey Pot said...

Why is Jane Taber not going on about pisstank Pablo? It is just too funny that the national liberal media is not going at this guy.

The stupid bastard could have killed someone driving around pissed to the gills.

If you are too drunk to blow, that is drunk as a skunk drunk.

bullpup said...

Working offshore for 10 years; as required for all offshore workers in Canada, I have taken the breathalyzer over 30 times. Not once have I had any problems blowing into the thing. It's easier than blowing up a balloon. Then again, I was never drinking alcohol prior to doing the test, so I was never worried about failing. He's guilty of refusal and he would only refuse for one reason.

bocanut said...

"Drinking and driving laws in the province of Quebec are tougher than ever since new measures in the Quebec Highway Safety Code -- in effect since December 7, 2008 -- have been enforced. Below sums up what first time offenders in Montreal can expect if caught driving under the influence of alcohol (or medication or drugs), in other words, exceeding the blood alcohol limit allowed in Quebec.
License Suspension and Car Seizure
If pulled over by the police, you'll have your driving privileges immediately suspended and/or have your car seized for 30 to 90 days or more, even with no prior impaired driving offenses, if:

you refuse to submit to a Breathalyzer test "

No mention anywhere of Pablo's car being seized and/or his license suspended.
I suppose Krista Ericson didn't get to the blow part of suck and blow when mentoring Pablo.

Sammy said...

Heads up AA..Tasha K.has column up now at NatPost on this now.Questions why 2 sets of rules..one for Rahim,and different rules for Pablo

DeeDee said...

You'd think the one single thing a politician would be good at is blowing hot hair....

maryT said...

Will the costs of Pablo's court cost be paid out of his own pocket or the taxpayers.
I would love to have him take a breathalyzer test in court, to see if he really does have a problem breathing, while sober.

The_Iceman said...

If his eyes were bloodshot, did the officer search his pockets for narcotics?

If Pablo was so concerned about his political career, he should not have driven while intoxicated. Just because nobody was hurt, that does not diminish the offense. He put innocent pedestrians at risk that night, and should be treated as such.

Jen said...

Check out today's
National Post · Wednesday, Jun. 9, 2010

Pablo Rodriguez must step down


Ardvark said...

He should have tried putting a penny in his mouth to beat the breathalyzer.

That doesn't work either.

And yes he should step down.

Anonymous said...

The Chronicle article is not there AA.

Ardvark said...

Unfortunately links do die but that just adds to the case for the copying of articles quoted for your own protection. I can't rely on the Chronicle Herald (or anyone else) to back me up and produce an article from a deleted link if I ever get sued for something I claimed it said.