Saturday, June 12, 2010

If Don Newman doesn't like Fox News, why did he steal Bill O'Reilly's slogan?

Most of you are already aware of the proposed "right leaning" news network that is being put together by Kory Teneycke for Sun Media and the recent bizarre article written by Don Newman against such a network.

I use the word bizarre for a couple of reasons. First because nobody who works at a government funded network that does not have to raise it's own money to operate has any business ever criticizing a privately funded network, which is forced to compete against it's own government (CBC), and second, because Newman spends more time writing about the merger of the Liberals and the NDP ( BTW Don believes this to be some kind of conservative plot which shows just how messed up his thinking really is) than he does about the proposed new network.

Don writes in his article that "Fox News has been hugely polarizing. It specializes in drive-by attacks and misrepresentations, and is positively Orwellian at times, claiming to be "fair and balanced" while implying that its competitors aren't. The reality is that it mainly spews out propaganda that is dangerously misleading and often factually wrong."

This is all kind of funny considering that Don Newman, while he was the host of "Politics" on the CBC, "borrowed" the well known tag line (The spin stops here) from the very popular Fox News show The O'Reilly Factor (the highest rated news program in the USA).

I guess when you use the "propaganda" for yourself Don that makes it all OK. Do yourself and the rest of us a favour and stay retired.

Bonus video courtesy of Proud to Be Canadian who has been on top of the shenanigans at the CBC for years.

Bill O'Reilly on Don Newman and the CBC: "The theft starts there."


wilson said...

The new network could cover the politics of the 75% of us who don't give a rat's butt what 'Liberal sources' say.
Liberals and their decades long internal war, is BORING, and so are Mansbridge and Newman and Oliver and Travers and Fife!

The NDP has never been given the coverage they should have. As a result, Canadians have never taken a real good look at Layton/Mulcair.

And I am still beating the drum for 5 'regional' leaders debates, come next election campaign.

Western Canada, the North and the Maritimes issues are treated as token regions, if they even are given a few moments in the debates.
It's all Quebec and Ontario, all the time.

The old Liberal propagandists like Newman and Oliver are using the same scare tactics they did on the Reform/Alliance/Conservatives.
Radical, scary!!!

Bec said...

Hey Don, there is a whole half a country plus some distinct pockets that will disagree with you and we will do it as disrespectfully as you are in your out of touch rant.

Come West, old man and we will prove it. Bye bye CBC and your nasty but pays his own way cousin, CTV.

Anonymous said...

We have polarization because the 'takeover' of society by leftists and atheists is being resited by the normal majority. I say normal because it was only mere decades ago that Newman would have been jeered out off the TV for his current views on reality. (real conservative)

BC Blue said...


Rod said...

Newman is a dinosaur. Just another voice in a chorus of Jurassic fossils that long for the days of Trudeau, so I don't give a rats a$$ what he says.

Secondly, I don't want a "right-leaning" news network. Just an accurate one. You know, the kind that actually reports the news, ALL THE NEWS, and doesn't manipulate facts(or omit them), in order to service their own bias.

Honey Pot said...

Wilson has a real good point. When the left msm report on anything liberal or left, they only supply a teenie weenie bit of information. The less the better reported when it comes to the corruption of the left by the bias left msm. They only report on it when forced to by the majority of Canadians.

The left are also boring and their malicious attacks on everything conservative, is way too obvious.

I am also concerned why this isn't front page news in the msm. Libby Davis from the ndp and her blatant assertion that Israel does not have a right to exist.

If it looks like a Helen Thomas, and talks like a Helen Thomas, you can be very sure it is a Helen Thomas.

The ndp needs to be investigated, or at least intensely interviewed on how many anti-semites are front runners for their party.

I don't have a problem with the growing number of closet terrorist supporters on the left, I just want to make sure Canadians are told about them. That way we can make sure they are never elected, by informing Canadians just exactly what these so called progressive's stand for.

Loyal Tory said...

I don't know what has happened to Newman since he left his "Politics" show at the CBC. I enjoyed his show and I always thought he was an excellent interviewer even though his show was often biased against the Conservatives. But whats happened to him now? Each column he writes is getting more goofy.

maryT said...

Could it be that Newman is going senile.
And how true are the rumors that JC is behind all this merger talks, as he knows it will kill the liberal party, thus keeping his legacy of the winningest liberal PM in history. Eventually his legacy will go the way of Brians.

Ardvark said...

Joel from PTBC deserves the credit for this one.

The_Iceman said...

Don is saying that all the merger talk is coming from the Tories, but that is wrong. Last time I checked, Cretien and Kinsella were Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Don makes a very strong argument for another news network with his latest biased pile of garbage.
His uselessness illustrates how badly we need another network.