Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ignatieff's throne was a rental.

Michael Ignatieff held a little garden party yesterday for members of our ever vigilant media; the same media who have been running with the fake fake lake cost story for the last few day.

There were lots of tweets about having Ignatieff serve them food, and about the lake set up to mock that other famous lake, but not one comment on Ignatieff spending big money on a rented porta-potty so our poor media could sit in comfort after being fed meatballs along with an extra large helping of Liberal spin on extravagant spending.

The $1,500 "Taj Mahal of portable toilets with granite countertops, wood panelling and almond-scented hand soap" sat near the Liberal's "Fake Lake" which consisted of a children's wading pool, plastic ducks and a remote-control boat surrounded by plastic Muskoka chairs and a printout picture of a lake posted on a stick. Staffers boasted that the whole thing had cost them $19.95 ­ a fraction of the money the government was spending on its Muskoka backdrop.

Funny how this was missed from most comments/tweets/reports on the garden party, but as long as our media were comfortable I guess it is understandable. /sarc off


maryT said...

When was the garden party at the PMs residence. If this lib fakefest was the same night, what a farce.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Iggy didn't invite the media to use his house toilet if they needed to coil one down? A waste of money I think.

maryT said...

OT, but get over to SDA and vote in this cbc poll.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that 90% of the media is solidly left wing and I'm not even sure of the other 10% not being leftist either. Things are really bad when it comes to freedom of speech and getting the truth out of our institutions. (real conservative)

wilson said...

AA, when the clip comes up please post it.
On Power Play, Solomon showed a committee clip of our Pierre on a point of order.
Szabo first refused, but Pierre promised he would make it short:

A few moments ago I called this committee a kangaroo court,
and I would like to apologize to kangaroos everywhere

(done from memory), I'm still laughing!!!

maryT said...

Evan had the clip on his show, I also am still laughing.

Bec said...

1500.00 spent on a Port-a-potty for the media?

No problem considering the media likely on the guest list are full of 'crap' anyway.

bocanut said...

There was a very brief clip showing the garden party guests doing some kind of politically correct hoe down dancing.
I could have sworn that Dowager Grand Duchess ZsaZsa was sporting a tiara.
It looks like the Liberal party has it's own version of Nero.

maryT said...

Yes, she was wearing a tiara, wonder if it was real jewels or one of those phony things one buys for their daughter at halloween.
And, re Iggy's summer bus tour, tell him school and universities are empty so where will he speak.
Wonder how his stampede breakfast will go this year, will he charge for it, will he appear, will he wear a suit and tie.
And did you catch Evan commenting on the event, I think Rosemarie was there, from her comment, but he said, I think my invitation is in the mail.