Friday, June 04, 2010

While the Liberals are flip flopping on immigration and Afghanistan

While the Liberals are busy with their games flip flopping on immigration and Afghanistan, PM Harper was busy on the diplomatic front.

PM Harper, the first foreign leader to meet with new UK PM David Cameron at #10 Downing St.

PM Harper meeting with French President Sarkozy on the terrace of the Palais de l'√Člysee.

The French really know how to make someone feel welcome. (picture courtesy of David Akin)


Bec said...

Ha ha..IS THAT FOOD or a minature sundial?
Wow, that recession is getting rather insulting.

ALL for the electorate to see I suspect but no one will ever admit their waste of tax dollars on STUPID environmental policy and obscene socialist programs.

Anonymous said...

Good.You just keep doing there Mr Prime Minister.Thats what i like to see.How about instead of a bank tax ,why doesnt the international community talk about a minimum wage for workers on this this world in all countries?Proportional to each country of course.Just food for thought.


Ardvark said...

The EU seems to be more concerned with collecting tax money to cover the next financial meltdown than they are about preventing it.

maryT said...

3 wins for PMSH and his cabinet re the summits, no bank tax, no funding for abortions, no climate talk.
We will see how those countries that favor a new bank tax do by this time next year.
I am still trying to find what that tax would mean. The banks already pay tax on profits, so is it another tax on every transaction, or trade, or mortgage, or transfer.
And those supporting such a tax, remember it is you and me that make transactions every day.

CanadianSense said...

The EU is a basket case of debtor nations.

Greece is far from the only problem. The Global Tobin Tax idea has been around for years.

Europeans adopted the "social justice" a long time ago.

The EU governments are now facing the costs for an unsustainable way of life for socialism.

Voters are dumping the left in Europe. The Greek government that was recently elected promised not to make the cuts they have begun to enact.

The culture of entitlement is an ingrained birthright for many europeans.

The lazy media, inept opposition are trying to disrupt and weaken the efforts by the government of Canada.

Jen said...

CS, The lazy media, inept opposition are trying to disrupt and weaken the efforts by the government of Canada."

We know that the media is lazy that's for sure.

Trying to disrupt the efforts by the government for canada tells me that no proves that they don't really give two beans about our country and never had or else had they, the LPOC would not have lasted for thirteen years nor would they be spared the daily scrutiny and demands for the return of the missing millions, E.I. scandal and so on.

The prime minister apparently has to rely on international media to do the lazy canadians media's job.