Monday, June 21, 2010

Globe and Mail Televison reporter angling for a different assignment?

Be afraid, be very afraid; because John Doyle, the Globe and Mail TV reporter (yes that really is a paying job) is on to us and our evil right wing ways. In his latest he goes on the attack of the proposed SunTV and happily smears a good percentage of the population in the process, and in typical lefty fashion does the same thing that he accuses others of doing, missing the irony of it all.

Some excerpts: (my comments in parenthesis)

..if it’s anything like the Fox News channel in the United States, it certainly won’t be a news outlet. It will be entertainment. Fluff. Frivolous opinion delivered as fact. That is, showbiz. (What was that you wrote about opinion delivered as fact again? To save me typing, feel free to apply this comment to the rest of Doyle's 'facts')

Right-wingers are as predictable in their news-babe preferences as they are in their conspiracy theories about the CBC. ( That is a mighty wide brush you are painting with there John)

The barking-mad Fox News Channel is something that most Canadians have only heard about. They could watch it, because it is widely available here, but hardly anybody can be bothered. Except, obviously, for those behind this new outfit – Quebecor Media President Pierre Karl PĂ©ladeau and its VP of development Kory Teneycke. (Seriously, Barking mad? And yes, only 2 people in Canada have watched Fox News)

Teneycke used to be “Our Glorious Leader” Harper’s snippity spokesthingamajig. Recently, he’s been a pundit on CBC News Network, doing his best to imitate a Fox News pundit, all drive-by sneer and shaky foundation. ( Doyle, all fact all the time. No time for hyperbole with him.)

Instead, I suspect, it will be Erickson swapping bons mots with a giggly Levant, while Rex Murphy, the Red Green of political pundits, waits off-screen to deliver a thundering denunciation of people who oppose catastrophic oil spills. ( Attacking Rex Murphy is never a bright move John. Rex shows more writing skill when addressing a letter than you have with this entire article.)

And my favorite:

An entire channel run by, and aimed at, people who believe that political or social dialogue is advanced by name-calling. The people who support Fox News – here and in the U.S. – must be the most uncivil and foul-mouthed creatures on the planet. They'd give soccer hooligans a run for their money. This is an informed opinion. (Again that rather large brush of smear comes out but this time it is more than just baseless slander, it is an "informed opinion". What is this informed opinion on supporters of Fox News "here and in the U.S" based on you ask? "E-mails from Fox News devotees in the U.S.", and none from Canada.)

And he wrote it all without ever watching a single second of SUN TV!

I look forward to Doyle's next column on the make up and thoughts of the people of New Jersey based entirely on his opinion and the Jersey Shore.


Anonymous said...

Love it, keep up the free promotion, and keep dividing the market for us. This helps ensure the success of right wing TV in Canada. (real conservative)

Alex said...

hehe I like when he tries to slam Rex Murphy. Rex can write circles around this rat.

Then he calls us all uncivil foul mouthed soccer hooligans just before the G20. Wow. I mean a billion dollars spent to keep leftards from destroying their own city, and we are hooligans. LOL

Ardvark said...

The entire article is opinion, speculation and smear, but Doyle claims that we should worry because Sun TV will be all opinion, speculation and smear. Huh?

He should stick to covering Glee.

The_Iceman said...

"I mean a billion dollars spent to keep leftards from destroying their own city"

That's an outstanding way of looking at the G20.

Soccermom said...

Who's doing the name calling? It's not Fox...

CanadianSense said...

Johnny left his home (Ireland) at a young age. He joined the lefty media and became a television critic.

He may have a lawsuit if he was forced to watch Canadian content for his articles.

It must have been adjustment Ireland to Canada where Football is not the same sport.

Did his environment affect his moral compass? Can we imagine the violence and political struggles in his early childhood and the percieved injustice by those who did not share the Thatcher-Regan worldview.

Anne in sw ON said...

You've explained his foul attitude, CanSense, but I suspect Doyle tipped his bottle a little too freely before vomitting up the tripe in his latest column. Or maybe he's just trying to move up the ladder from film critic to political pundit at the G&M.

CanadianSense said...

Jan 30, 1972, Bloody Sunday 26 unarmed protestors died. Johhny university grad left his homeland 1980 at 23 to pursue his PHD in Canada.

York University in the 1980's (yikes)

The Cold War, Labor movement etc.

I think when we compare the political struggles back than versus today, it only reinforces how small we have become.

When the Berlin Wall fell, and Eastern Europe was freed some in the West romanticized and whitewashed about the loss of collectivism.

Many highly educated socialists don't like capitalists and the doctrine of personal responsibility. They have grown up in a world of large state ownership.

The "lens" or analysis of a growing "right wing" capitalist movement might be terrifying for some in the left.

Jen said...

The people who support Fox News – here and in the U.S. – must be the most uncivil and foul-mouthed creatures on the planet.

And his problem isss?

MariaS said...

At this rate, SunTV can save their money and not hire any Public Relations firm to advertise the new channel. I love the uproar all this has caused. It's like listening to my favorite music. The more the Left criticize, whine and get their thongs in a twist, the more fun it is all around.
Bring it on nutty ones.