Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jim Hillyer wins in Lethbridge.

Jim Hillyer wins the Conservative nomination in the federal riding of Lethbridge.

There were 2,098 ballots cast. Eight were spoiled.
In the preferential ballot, it took all five possible ballot counts as each low vote counter was eliminated to nominate Hillyer.
An insider said the final ballot count was 911 for Hillyer and 816 for Henry Doeve, a Coaldale dairy farmer and deputy reeve of the County of Lethbridge

Hillyer is running to replace current MP Rick Casson who announced on January 7, 2010 that he would not be running in the next election.


Too good to be missed = The Iceman has a post up on Ignatieff's chronic absentee problem. Who would have thunk it after all Iffy's whining about prorogation. He couldn't give a rats ass about prorogation but it trended in the polls and so the great pretender pretended to have emotions that he did not really have just for appearance.

With Ignatieff and the Liberals it is all just for show.

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maryT said...

I hope the conservative candidate in iggy's riding brings those facts up during the next election campaign.
I guess he was speaking in AB yesterday, again at a university, and said the liberals need a strong AB on their side. How can he say that when he whips his caucus to vote no on the gun bill.
Oh, and he suggested people go door to door and say, iggy isn't such a bad guy.
Try it here, the door will be slammed shut very fast.