Thursday, June 03, 2010

Didn't they fire you?

Ian Davey writes about 5 things the Liberals must do to win an election in the National Post.

My favorite is number 5:

Hang together. Opposition can be tough at the best of times. Things are particularly challenging these days, but no matter how difficult they become Liberals must stand together and behind their leader. It is worth remembering that one of only two people will be prime minister after the next election. No one should doubt that there is a very real possibility that Canada’s next prime minister will be Michael Ignatieff.

...says the guy fired by Ignatieff and the Liberals.

Hang together indeed.

From the comments at the NP: If Liberals were to win a minority government, is it their intention to bring NDP MPs into cabinet/arrangement to form a coalition majority government? Or are Dippers only usefull if you lose?

Good question, and the NDP already know the answer.


cantuc said...

The liberals number one option -- LIE

Ardvark said...

Isn't that their entire campaign platform?

NorthWestTory said...

Pretty much.

wilson said...

Dippers have detached themselves from the Liberal butt:

" Ironically, at the same time the NDP is aiming at a number of Tory seats in rural Canada,
there also is a high level of silent cooperation between the two parties in helping each other take Liberal ridings.
It looks like Harper and Layton are preparing for a high-noon confrontation in the future,
but first want to get rid of the Liberal nuisance standing in the middle."

the Liberal nuisance is about right, eh!

CanadianSense said...

I enjoy the fact he still believes in muzzling the party.

"While the opposition always faces unyielding pressure to offer detailed policies, the reality is that succumbing to this pressure only serves to make Liberals, instead of the Conservative government, the issue."

Don't offers a target (substance) until the campaign starts!

Brilliant. Any wonder they keep polling under 30%?

The_Iceman said...

I doubt that the Liberals will start pulling candidates in strong NDP ridings, even though that would give them the highest probability of gaining power. Instead you will hear A LOT of talk about "strategic voting" where they will attempt to do what happened in Edmonton 2008 in several more ridings.

Ardvark said...

CS, and some wonder why he was fired.

Iceman, what happened in Edm-Strathcona was not really strategic voting. It was a perfect storm of a perceived weak and mostly absent from his riding conservative candidate, a known NDP candidate, the carbon tax, and a Liberal leader that even the most die hard Liberal had a hard time supporting.

CanadianSense said...

Edmonton is the Moscow of the west, look at provincial government and the provincial liberals...he he.

It was ugly, his gf denied he was fired and later she resigned.

The Polls were very bad, the strategy of saying nothing and Time Is Up needed a head.

Look at goof ups and heads, I think Ignatieff must admire Henry VIII H.R. policies too much.

Wafer - Zed
CBC H1N1 line up - Sakamoto
Sudbury - Time is UP -Davey

maryT said...

Has Davey heard the name Layton, for PM. I think the Bloc would have a lot to say about who would lead the coalition to be PM.
Imagine the outrage and hurt egos when a lot of longtime liberals, past cabinet ministers get shuttled to the side to make way for Martin and MulClair, and Libby.

Anonymous said...

How about tell the truth? Umm, nah scratch that one. How about respect the taxpayer? Okay, forget that. Hmmm.. how about's becoming democratic and respecting the wishes of the grassroots? Cripes.. we can't have emperors if we do that one.. I'll get back to you on this. (real conservative)

Ardvark said...

Today on P&P on a coalition:

'If it's doable lets do it'. Says Jean Chretien.

Paul Martin declines comment but says he supports Iffy.

Good stuff

maryT said...

How will Atlantic Canada vote next time, with the announcements today re building all those new ships. Will they vote liberal and wait for iggy to cancel the contracts, aka the helicopter deal. Or will they vote conservative to have jobs and not have to travel back and forth to AB. And if they all stay working at home, means more jobs opening up for Albertans.