Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I will give away cash, Lisa Laflamme, and some other very strange G20 goings on.

Yes you read that correctly. I will give away cash so please read on for the details.

CTV's Lisa Laflamme lets us, you know the Canadians, know the image that we will always remember about the G20. How nice of her; too bad that the image she wants us to remember doesn't exist.

"the overriding images that this summit will always be remembered for will probably be, you know, turned over police cruisers on fire and smashed windows..."

Turned over police cruisers on fire? Really? I have seen several hundreds of pictures from the G20 trouble spots, including hundreds of the police cars that were burned, but none at all of any turned over cruisers, on fire or not.

( My Andrew Brietbart moment) I am sure Lisa, "CTV's national affairs correspondent", had her facts straight before speaking on national television, so to help her out I will pay cash to the first person who can provide me with a legit picture taken on June 26, 2010 of an overturned, burning Toronto Police cruiser, in downtown Toronto.

UPDATE: Lisa get rewarded for her hard work by getting the anchor job at CTV as Lloyd Robertson announces his retirement after 34 years. 34 years is a long time, in fact it is as long as Ignatieff was out of the country.

More weirdness:The secret (fake or not) 5 meter law, a video of a guy it was enforced against, and a guy arrested for impersonating a police officer; which coincidentally is the same guy from the 5 meter video above.

This story is just too weird and it would take way to long to do it all justice, so here are the necessary links with some commentary to put it together.

The so called secret 5 meter law becomes "public" on Friday.

It was not such a secret as it was online on June 16th, but few knew about it and McGuinty's pathetic after spin that this newspaper ad should have lead people find that webpage is a joke. (where in the ad does it tell you where to find the law changes?)

Police Chief Bill Blair now says that there was no 5 meter law.

But it was just days ago that Blair talked with the media about the law and as did Sgt. Tim Burrows of the G8/G20 Integrated Security Unit who said the new regulations are needed to ensure security and strangely enough also said that police have already made "two or three" arrests under the new rules as of Friday morning. ( How do you make arrests under a law that is not really exist?)

Here is the non law actually being used and cited: (video to youtube posted June 25th)

The fellow in the video is one Charlie Veitch.

The same Charlie Veitch who was arrested Tuesday the 29th at Pearson Airport for impersonating a peace officer, possibly in relation to the events in the above video. (update: I believe this may be video that brought about the charges. FF to the 6:20 mark)

If the 5 meter law was not real, what business did the police have asking him to identify himself in the first place?

Madness; all of it.

Well all of it but my offer of cash; that is the real deal.


The_Iceman said...

This story will become more interesting as time passes. For now, I am really interested to see if Iggy is back in Canada for Canada Day. It seems to me like any wannabe PM should be here for the day that celebrates our sovereignty.

Bec said...

Iceman, he has an audience with QE on Friday but who knows about Thursday.

I have become 100% convinced after this debacle in Toronto that the national media based there are an isolated group of shut-ins that truly believe, the Toronto world is the Canadian world.
Lisa LaFlamme in particular has no idea how she sounds and acts to the rest of us to what I have determined, NORMAL Canadians.

I am actually glad this is being discussed some more and not dropped because it was this Police Chief that the Opposition quoted ad nauseum over the long gun.

I suspect there is some politics involved now with HOW THEY CHOOSE THEIR WORDS, NOW!
It's going to be fun watching them squirm and decide who to support because BOOBY, Jack and most of the MP's are from this city and these ridings, personal relationships involved so it's all pretty funny that they couldn't have found a way to ask their union buddies etc to stand down.
As I said Saturday, WHERE WERE THEY THEN.

Anonymous said...

I am traveling in Europe currently and they were not showing that or focusing on the hooligans. They focused on the actually meeting and the results. Including translations of Steve's speach at the end.

Anonymous said...

Papers Please...

We have vays of making you talk..

Fay said...

Lisa LaFlamme was out of line and appeared to be provoking the police on a number of occasions. She is an embarrassment to all law abiding Canadians.
She was a failure in the Brenda Martin show and a failure in the G20 show.

Calgary Junkie said...

"turned over police cruisers ...". LOL

Our mediocre msm gets smoked out again. How many other stories have they torqued up, that we didn't know about ?

And of course, their other favorite trick is to drop stories like a hot potato, when their preferred narrative doesn't play out. The latest outrageous example, is how none of the other G8 countries had a problem our abortion stance. Yet nary a word, or even passing mention of this important final victory for PM Harper, and the social conservatives in our base.

How breathless would Lisa LaDork have been if Hillary took another cheap shot at PM Harper ? They'd have to hook her up to an oxygen machine.

Bring on Kory TV !

Jordana said...

We had such a laugh listening to Lisa's "running" commentary on Saturday. She sounded like a bizarre spoof of the Blair Witch Project. She's still got a long way to go to catch up with the sanctimonious and pouty Susan Ohmyston.

wilson said...

So the Black Thugs was the only negative news story out there, and CTV didn't cover much else.
Pretty pathetic when the reporters embed with the criminals and seem to turn them into heros,
hard to respect that kind of journalism.

It was a very very good weekend for PMSH

SunTV, we wait patiently for the time to come... (Jan 1, 2011) 1/1/11 a new era in news!

Haha, 2 articles today on Fox North.
Good! More free advertising.

wilson said...

Just a thought,
do you think the media is more worried about the Cons getting positive coverage from SunTV,
or the NDP finally getting some coverage?

All bad news for the Libs and their media.

Anonymous said...

Lisa LaSneer moment at Canada Day with Paul Brandt:
The "genuine Canadian man" -- as his hit single goes -- was forced to defend his home province after the news anchor queried Brandt about Alberta's environmental record.

"You're from Alberta, right?" she asked.

"There's a lot going on in Alberta these days. How do you feel about all that, particularly on the environment side of things?"

Brandt's smile vanished.

Anonymous said...

Toronto may be our biggest city but it is certainly not world class.

This not ready for prime time bunch of snivelling wimps really should NOT be trying to host world class events. They are way too negative and self centred to welcome the world for anything,

Don't they have bids in for Expo or something?

"Economic impact" to them only matters if it is for the Gay Pride Parade. NIMBYS all of them.

Ardvark said...

Updated with an additional video that may show Veitch claiming to be an undercover officer, and the cash offer remains unclaimed. It is almost like Laflamme made it up, weird.

SUN TV can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Someone should really tell that woman (Laflamme)that she shouldn't cut her own hair when she's drunk.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ardvark said...

That last comment went way to far and was deleted.

maryT said...

Read today that tourism spending is up in Vancouver and BC, due to the Olympics.
Too bad Toronto was more interested in dissing their city to get the same benefits.
They thought they could put the blame on the PM for holding the summits in their city, didn't work.
Those thugs were determined to cause damage regardless where they were held around Toronto.
The blame is directly on the media, local politicians, and protest organizers.
But as far as riots go, the one in TO gets poor marks. No one killed, no bldgs burned, and only 3 cars burned. And it only lasted one day.

Ardvark said...

Things are more important in the centre of the universe.

The police could have easily taken care of things on Saturday but were apparently held back by orders and could only watch. That debacle led to the over-reaction on Sunday and them trying to spin it ALL away.

maryT said...

Way OT, but I just got a call from the WRA telling me about their annual meeting in Red Deer and at what time Danielle will give her speech.
I hope they are better organized when the election comes around. Somebody is sure out to lunch.

maryT said...

Remember the story that several police uniforms were missing. How many of them were possible used by fake police. And if that is the case, how many of those inconvenienced and arrested or detained were done by fake police.

maryT said...

So Iggy met the Queen and what did he say, when the Queen calls you jump.
With the coverage this meeting is getting you would think he was the PM and yesterday was just a mistake.
The meeting must have been so exhausting that he is off to China and then he needs 10 days of down time. Imagine how much time of he would need if he hosted the world and then the Queen. Guess he doesn't have the stamina to be PM