Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another flip flop? The Liberals are out of control.

Just when you thought things could not get more goofy for the Liberals, comes this.

An angry backlash from Liberal MPs has forced Michael Ignatieff to back off his party's apparent support for proposed reforms to Canada's refugee system. A host of MPs, including the entire Quebec caucus, told Ignatieff they can't and won't support the reform package — even though the government has agreed to changes demanded by the Liberals' own immigration critic, Maurizio Bevilacqua.

It is anarchy in the LPC and with the ineffective and powerless Ignatieff as leader, I expect it to get even worse before they break for summer.


cantuc said...

They're probably hoping that if they jerk him around enough he'll make like the birds and flock off . They could be onto something there .

Honey Pot said...

I think they really want Iggy to depart the liberal party. An internal war is raging in the liberal party, has been for awhile. They are trying to control Iggy, put him back in the box so to speak, but they are having a hard time of it.

Iggy is pulling a Dion, and he is going to come up with some whooper of insane idea for an election platform. The liberals have nothing, they stand for nothing. It should be interesting to see what Iggy pulls out of his back pocket to make us all have a good chuckle.

Blame Crash said...

True enough HP,

It's also true that Dion is going to pull an Iggy. Although I'd be a guessing that Dion will be saving the Big Back Stabbing event for the upcoming election. Ohh, what fun it'll be!

The whole lot of them have a nasty, but well deserved case of Bad Karma. The good news is that their Bad Karma is Canada’s Good Karma!

Anonymous said...

WHY oh WHY are Ontario voters supporting this party?????

wilson said...

Oh my gawd, Liberals are flip flopping on their own amendments accepted by the govt.

Denis Coderre behind this uprising?

Anonymous said...

I sent a letter to the CCAP Charter Challenge Access Panel that review a claim to see if it warrants funding for a Violation.
Basically I documented my struggle to access a local Social Service as a Citizen expected to produce wads of evidence and justification for a temporary Rent support unitl a Employment issue is resolved.
I was told to have Prove of birth in canada,tax records or bank acount ballances and any RRSP money or Disability insurance. Then I was confronted with the fight for a Home visit from 3 medical issue that allow me to request the Home vist by a social worker.
I'm still trying to get support after almost a month.

My issue,when the Office down the road refused to accept me from my Postal Code ID that put me about 100 feet away from the Office Voting Ward it forced me to travel a few miles to the other Office and thus i used the online system and a Home visit.

Now think back to the 1985 Canada vs Singh case where the Supremes ruled that Tourists were a Minority group protected under the Charter and thus....can make a Refugee claim via free legal Aid and Bingo....Instant welfare,Housing,clothing and furniture allowance,dental,health care and then drag out the system for 15+ years, and crank out Anchor-babies to assure a stay.

This one SCOC ruling Discriminated against Citizens because if the Charter now applies to 6.5 billion outside of canada,then canadians ARE the minority on Earth,and if I was to cross into Niagara Fall N.Y. ,throw away all my ID ,I could cross the rainbow bridge and demand refugee status and lie I'm from south america and smuggled up to the canadian border.
Bingo,instant Social hand-outs and housing by law with several bottom feeder lawyers waiting at the border to bilk Legal aid with bogus cases.

If Refugees have equal Status to Citizens except for Voting,why become a Citizen or feel any Birth Rights.
canada did more for a Syrian Draft-dodger globe trotting to known Terrorist producing nations.
After being caught escaping from Tunisia to illegally enter the USA to meet a islamic Org with Ties to hamas,they were refused entry and only the Palestinian friendy Jordan would take them back because the spouse was a pro-Hamas Pro-Sharaih law Muslim.

Once back on canadian soil they alleged torture in their Homeland and fabricated a story that the USA nabbed them and deported them to Syria for torture,this when they told the CBC they were flown on a private jet to Jordan where the spouse never showed up to meet them.
The $400 million dollar lawsuit for the Torture cause by canada not protecting them was quickly settled out of Court for $10.4 million.

All I ask for was a lousy $700.00 a month I'll gladly pay back,but the system is corrupt because I was born here to a Aboriginal father the served in WW2 so a Syrian weasel can come here to scam us out of $10.4 million.

So what's my view...Yeah,reform the Refugee system and Claims process to stop granting Welfare to non-Citizens that later Sue us to possibly use the money to fund Terrorism.
Whether it's Palestinians,Somali's,Syrians,Mexicans,Egyptians, and whatever fascist thugs thinking this is Hotel canada to stick us with the bill.
Little smug Pierre Trudeau mocked my dad with a Nazis helmet on as he drove around Quebec saying that Hitler was a Anglo problem, that was before Hitler marched into france and took Paris as a trophy.
Now Trudeau Junior mocks our Troops and defends the Terrorist Omar Khadr in GITMO where Trudeau
loved to vacation in Cuba that is a communist state.
Liberals better fight for refugee reform,or they my be on the CBC one night as the Guest to get Beheaded on Live TV as females are executed in our Stadiums.

L said...

There is a serious Liberal internal war. First Chretien, then Boob Rae, then Paul Martin. They are all part of the Power Corps cabal of industrial thieves. They want IGGY out. Actually, I now think Liberals should support him, as he might be the only Liberal who is not corrupt ,,, yet. Donolo was probably a trogan horse, as all of his silly issues have backfired. All the lefties and Power corps friends are out sponsoring a coalition of loosers. What the f?

Anonymous said...

This is bazzarre! The Libs refuse to support their own amendments.

These people are deadweight.

Anonymous said...

The internal problems the Liberals are encountering are simply the result of being in opposition. This party is so inured with the idea that they, and only they, have the right to govern that they can't accept their also-ran status and are casting about for someone to blame.

Calgary Junkie said...

It's becoming more and more obvious that the Liberal caucus no longer operates as a team. It's each MP for himself. These Quebec MPs must have calculated that the refugee reforms would play badly in their ridings, or be used against them by the Bloc and/or Dippers.

So it seems that this self-serving calculation trumped every other consideration. They obviously no longer care about making Iggy look bad. This tells me that most Lib MPs are going to campaign as if Iggy doesn't even exist. They may even try and throw him under the bus, in the middle of the campaign (as they tried with John Turner).

maryT said...

And remember how they voted against their own abortion motion. Wonder if Iggy can whip his caucus to vote against the long gun bill.
And who remembers when the libs were so disorganized that some of them voted yes instead of no, and no instead of yes, then asked the Speaker to recind their vote.
Perhaps PMSH could make the refugee bill a confidence vote. Watch those libs backtrack in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Many Ontario voters that support the liberals are immigrants or minorities themselves. (real conservative)