Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maybe now the CBC will cover the Libby Davies story.

Bob Rae has put the CBC in a bad position with his press release today, calling for deputy NDP Libby Davies to step down, because now they will have to cover her disturbing comments which up until this point the CBC have totally ignored. (Note: The National Post appears to be the only MSM outlet to cover Libby's remarks.)

I guess when you have most of your reporters covering KoryVision and typos on web pages, little things like a deputy party leader saying that Israel is not a legitimate state get missed.

More from Libby: 911, Bush did it.

The PM has also called for Davies to be fired but I don't expect that to carry as much weight with the CBC as a Liberal Party press release, which seems to be where the CBC gets most of its stories from.

Related: BC Blue has a couple of interesting tidbits and related links.

Stephen Taylor on the tolerant NDP.

Update: Libby spoke the words in that first video June 5th and this has been covered on the blogs for days now. The CBC did not have any mention of this story up in any form until this afternoon after the PM made his comments in the House.


byng said...

when the CBC gets what is coming to them - defunding in my opinion - they will only have themselves to blame - non coverage of real news simply to protect the left, has become oh-so tiresome

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding; the CBC report anything untoward about one of the stars in their pantheon of left-wing deities. She ranks right up there with Maurice Strong, Sid Ryan, Louise Arbour, Maude Barlow and Judy Rebick. Who would Soloman and O'Malley have to genuflect toward each morning?

Ardvark said...

The CBC ignoring a Liberal Press release would be a first.

CanadianSense said...

The CBC lens is not open to debate. Their inhouse review has determined their bias does not exist.

Clearly you did not get the memo.

The CBC are the judge and jury of what is good and bad. Just send your tax dollars and ignore the man behind the curtain.

Climategate, nah just another right wing attack.

Israel is an occupier, period. The personal opinion of the Democrat deputy leader is not worthy of the CBC to investigate.

Let's talk about those peaceful Turkish "activists" ignore their knives and steel bars.

Ardvark said...

CS I had a little discussion on irony with Kady today via Twitter, be sure to check out that last link for some serious irony.


Ardvark said...

Yay! Libby got some brief coverage on P&P today when Rosie asked Jack Layton about it.

I was right; it was too much for even them to ignore after the Rae press release and the comment in the House.

CanadianSense said...

You can't blame Kady for not being able to decipher "the Canadians" that were attacked in the email.

Climate Audit Steve McIntrye

"Hide the Decline" fake hockey stick.

Tim Ball, Climate Expert.

Clearly these two named "Canadians" in those hacked emails were unavailable for comment by the investigative news at the CBC. Guelph, Ontario is apparently a very remote region and the CBC were unable to track down "the Canadian".

If he had been somewhere tropical perhaps a crew might have been dispatched. Tax dollars at work!

Ardvark said...

That link is a classic. Kady gets in a tizzy over the climategate emails because they were leaked and questions the media using them but 5 minutes later she is touting WikiLeaks as a great source for media.

Delicious irony.

CanadianSense said...

You should see the ranting in the rabble site.

Libby has her worhippers.

Layton, Rae, Muclair are bullies.


The floatilla of hate has found a home.

Jen said...

CBC CTV GLOBAL and a few others drove canadians away with their left leaning bias reporting.

Many times I have said before "the national media are going to pay for what they have done and created" and by george, it came to pass.
We warned CBC via emails complaining about their bias and lack of reporting particularly about the liberals and so on- and the bull response we get as if we have no right- well-pay back time is here.
They are the ones to blame not innocent canadians who only want fair and balance reporting but got instead, manipulation, insults and lies.

Martin said...

Even the Ottawa Citizen carried the story last evening, so CBC will eventually be forced to follow. When the Israeli embassy complained to Layton, and he released his reply yeserday, her goose was effectively cooked. Still she hasn't really resigned from anything, and I don't expect she will. Probably better for the viewers of MSM to see what sort of cabinet material lurks in the NDP party.

Ardvark said...

Comment deleted.

There is no reason for obtuse personal attacks on anyone, including Libby.

Jen said...

CBC can't say anything that might or can endanger Libby's career for the simple reason the NDP are entwined with the liberal party in Coalition.
If CBC does go after her-Layton will probably plaster CBC for covering up the liberals corruption. naturally cbc has no choice but to remain quiet- the same goes to CTV.