Thursday, June 10, 2010

The top ten reasons Ignatieff will win

After the crazy day that was yesterday with the aftermath of the CBC story, the denials, and the affidavit, I thought I would remind everyone of the reasons Ignatieff will win the next election; courtesy of Warren Kinsella. (WK link warning)

I like reason #2: 'The Liberal Party of Canada will win the election, because we’ve got the most impressive leader: he’s super-smart, he’s accomplished, he’s decent, he has an extraordinary ability to bring people together....' but personally my favorite* has to be #7: 'The Liberals, meanwhile, will continue to embrace communications discipline – because, as Michael Ignatieff clearly has shown them, communications discipline works. The Grits will utterly dispense of the Chr├ętien-Martin era internecine warfare, because nobody remembers anymore what they were fighting about in the first place. (I sure can’t.)'

*Yes it is my favorite and I am willing to swear an affidavit to this fact.

Updated: I am reminded that the author of the above once held a different opinion of Ignatieff.
Which position does he take today? I will leave that up to you to decide, but going on the CBC National and dropping the bomb shell that he did while most likely knowing the after shocks that it would cause might be a clue.


Anonymous said...

Who, in his right mind, pays any attention to what Kinsella says? This dope is the prime rumour monger within the Liberal Party. It's the inanities that spew from his mouth that is one of the main reasons the Liberals cannot put a dent in the Conservative armour.

Calgary Junkie said...

My take on Kinsella's "top ten list", and a lot of the other spin Kinsella has produced, is that he's been trying to keep up the spirits of the Party faithful.

I always thought he was pretty good at that, as the LPC has been demoralized to various extents, over long periods of time, in the last four years.

Think back to the days during the second Canadian Alliance leadership race, in which Harper beat Day. It was a VERY depressing time for us, as we dropped as low as 6 % in the polls, there was the DRC split, Martin was in the wings, ready to sweep the country.

Interim leader for three months, John Reynolds, did a great job in Question Period, and on tv and the like, in staying positive. We needed a competent, rah-rah guy like Reynolds, at that low point, in our history.

Anyway, Kinsella has helpfully (for us) pivoted from cheer-leader, to s**t-disturber. He is helping Rae/Chretin, in speeding up the demise of Iggy. No doubt in my mind about that.

I note that cheer-leaders Larry Martin, and Gloria Galloway have come out pretty quickly.

maryT said...

Canadians might not be able to name 5 cabinet ministers, but they can and do name over 5 liberals who have made fools of themselves -Fry, crosses are burning-Bennett and her body bags, McCallum being refused to board a plane as he was too drunk, Rae, he ruined Ont, Holland and his marching files thru the street, with Jennings, Sgro and her strippers, and recently news of her paying rent to herself, Fry, again, Cdns are ashamed to display their flag, Iggy and his stmt, Canadian Flag is nothing but a beer can label, We americans, Quebec thinks it is special, just because they speak different (paraphrased).
Wait till I have my second cup of coffee to think of some more.
That article by WK could have been written before the last election. If Iggy will win, why is he mentioning the next budget.
I have to wonder if all this merger talk isn't a red herring, to get the caucus to support Iggy.

CanadianSense said...

I am confident if the CBC can spend more time explaining how wonderful the Liberal are we can quickly return to the Glory Days for the natural governing party.

This is a minor H.R. staffing issue, nothing to see. Really!

Don't worry the Liberals are going to win a majority this fall, Harper is running scared!

BTW I think they may have discovered our double agent.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella is trying to suck up to Iggy? I guess he wants back in. There is one think that Warren missed though, business likes Mr. Harper or will come to like him more. That is not good for the liberals. (real conservative)

Ardvark said...

You don't go on the CBC National with a story like this and not expect it to cause some serious after shocks.

The question is why did he do it?

Marty said...

Aaaargh! I can't believe I even tried to read Catmeat's tripe. Thanks for the warning label, though. Also, I've found you rarely have to go far from Catmeat's out-sized ego to find the reasons for why he does anything.