Monday, June 14, 2010

Nik Nanos thinks dissent will kill the Liberals election chances

Nik Nanos thinks dissent will kill the Liberals election chances.

Maybe they need to start a culture war to save the day. Oops, wrong pollster.

Related: I wonder if KoryVision is looking for an in house pollster?

BTW KoryVison looks to have hired Krista Erickson, Yes that Krista Erickson.

They have a handful of hires and they are already more balanced than the CBC!


CanadianSense said...

The fear and derision by the liberal media is hysterical.

They already know how marginal the rating are for their own programs.

CNN is watched by more people than CTV, Ezra nailed him before he could open his mouth and complain.

Canadians have already decided with their remotes and the current product is not satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Jane Taber is a little sookie toward the idea of Krista being a prospect. It hasn't even been confirmed and Jane is starting to insult her.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ignatieff told his caucus he wanted to speak to and meet "the Canadians" during his summer travels.

Again Ignatieff can't relate to Canadians, it's like he's better than us and he is never willing to be one of us.

wilson said...

Ha ha, I like the way Kory is dragging out these news flashes one Timbit at a time!

Time to get a start on framing the next election campaign...?

I like these themes:

"What Ignatieff says is necessary, but not necessarily what he said."

"If the only thing between a Liberal/NDP coalition and power
is Ignatieff breaking a promise to not include the separatists,
Ignatieff will reverse his position, one more time."

Anonymous said...

The 'Shill times' is crying for their liberal master once again. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Advertising is based on the number of viewers. The cash cow is going to get "gored". CBC's billion dollar subsidy will be under scrutiny, and CTV will have to justify their lack of viewers to the Board of Directors and shareholders. "The nature of bad news infects the teller." William Shakespeare 1564- 1616 (Antony and Cleopatra 1606-7). Cheers FernStAlbert