Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ignatieff, Mr. Charisma.

Ignatieff needs work, lots of it, and the good folks at CTV have brought in some outside help to assist.

An American academic has some advice for Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff: stop talking issues and start talking morality. George Lakoff, a professor of linguistics at University of California Berkeley, told CTV's Power Play that his studies of the language of politics show that the most successful politicians are those who connect with voters by using a few simple principles.

How very nice of CTV for trying to help out like that, but I am not sure if this guy really knows anything about Michael Ignatieff.

"What Ignatieff does is he talks about the details of policy rather than start with the moral principle … and saying: ‘Here is why this is right,'" he said.

"Secondly, you have to connect with people. People have to feel that you're authentic, that you're believable and that you care about them."

Ignatieff talking about the details of policy? What is this guy talking about? What policy? The only thing the Liberals do is complain about conservative policy and whatever meager policy they may have or even agree with, they end up changing their mind later and flip flop on it. Afghanistan, HST, asbestos, free votes, immigration policy, corporate taxes, etc.

As for Ignatieff trying to be authentic; well that is kind of hard to accomplish when you are just playing a role and pretending rather than being truthful and authentic with yourself. Remember Ignatieff's own words ""Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel."

Too late CTV, your obvious attempts to resurrect the political fortunes Ignatieff are not going to work. Perhaps you might want to take George Lakoff's advice to be authentic and honest for yourself and just report the news, quit trying to influence it.


Patrick Ross said...

The problem for Ignatieff is that his party spent 20 years using culture war tactics to deplete the moral capital of their opponents -- only to have their own depleted by numerous scandals -- Krever inquiry, Somalia inquiry, ADSCAM.

No one would take a suddenly-moralistic Liberal Party seriously. After all, they're the ones who stole hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds.

maryT said...

I like Rush's comments re Lakeoff, rhymes with---------

Jen said...

How about that university professor stick to issues concerning Californians uh, Arnnie boy is living green, taxes keeps going up and this guy has advice for Ignatieff. And another thing, CTV, stop playing the ass searching the globe or some wishing pond to find a potion in how to revive the LPOC.
Let's get this straight, the sitting prime minister is bursting his ass trying to find solutions to keep our country from falling into a european nightmare and instead of the media helping the PM they are bitching that the liberals can't make headway.
What gives CTV the right to 'high jack the television for their own purpose.
CTV morals are in the same boat as the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry -- rumors have it that Cretien is about to return to save Canada, that and he's running out of his 'entitlements'

CanadianSense said...

I spoke about framing and Georgie Lakoff Sept 09 with a Liberal on his blog.

The Liberal brand is badly damaged, some like me believe beyond repair.

It has not been a short term 'adscam', Dion fumbling recent decline as some apologists want to believe.

The Liberals benefited from the NDP 'making parliament work' with Lewis and Broadbent.

The Liberals recovered and picked up seats from the NDP as a result.

Will Layton repeat mistake of previous Liberals or will he allow the Liberal Party to dissappear?

Lakeoff forgets in the US you have only two parties. The democrats were in control of the Congress and had a financial advantage over the Republicans.

The Liberals have been bleeding support, money and key demographics for the last 10 years.

OBAMA picked up the George Bush supporters and added new supporters to the Democrats.

Liberals are trying to poach the anti-Harper voter and pool it under the Liberal banner.

The Separatists, Democrats, Greens are going to resist that again.

Sadly it has this works both ways.

The CPC will raise the spectre of a Lib-Dem-Separatist Coalition and the need for a majority to stop the losers.

Alberta Girl said...

Gee....where is the outrage that and "American" is giving a leader advice.

I guess its OK if it is for a Liberal, huh.

What a bunch of hypocrites our media are.

Ardvark said...

Rumour has it that LPC President Alfred Apps days are numbered.

How many more staff have to go before they realize what the real problem is?

Anne in sw ON said...

"...What Ignatieff does is he talks about the details of policy rather than start with the moral principle … and saying: ‘Here is why this is right,'"

For years Liberals have claimed to be the only party to espouse and defend Canadian values. The word 'values' became their mantra. And then along came Stephen Harper and his Conservative government and Canadian values began a slow rightward crawl. The liberals no longer have the moral authority to preach values and moral principles. Game, set, match Harper.

maryT said...

If Apps steps down would that be considered a fallout because of his relationship with Jaffer.

Anonymous said...

You mean that Bell-Globemedia is worried that Ziggy's fiberals won't be in power soon and be able to protect their monopoly? (real conservative)