Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the last year...

Tonight marks the 1 year anniversary of Ryan Hastman's nomination as the Conservative candidate for Edmonton Strathcona; the only riding in Alberta that is currently not held by the conservatives.

For those that may not be aware, Edmonton Strathcona is currently being held by the NDP and represented in Ottawa by Linda Duncan. Duncan won a squeaker in the 2008 election by less than 500 votes over the now infamous Rahim Jaffer. Edmonton Strathcona is the one yellow spot on a sea of blue that quite frankly needs to be taken back, and thankfully we have the candidate to do just that.

From June 17, 2009, when Ryan Hastman won the Conservative nomination in another incredibly close vote, Hastman has been working tirelessly towards winning back the seat for the conservatives. Ryan has been to countless events both inside and outside the riding, he and his team have been aggressively fund-raising to build up the much needed election war chest, and most importantly he has been extremely active within Edmonton Strathcona having already knocked on over 9000 doors meeting with and talking to the people of the riding. From what I have been told, and from personal experience, I can tell you that the response at the doors has been very encouraging; so much so that the NDP has taken notice at a national level and is targeting the riding to help out the worried Linda Duncan

and she has good reason to be worried, because if honest hard work has anything to do with the results of the next election, there will be a much different outcome for Duncan and the NDP in "Battleground Alberta".

If you are interested in helping Ryan and the conservatives take back Edmonton Strathcona please visit his website ( or drop him and his team an email at: Lets help Linda go back to her first love of attacking the financial engine of Alberta, the oil industry, but this time she can do it on her own dime and not on an MP's salary.

Update: The past year as written Ryan Hastman. ( I note the door count has increased to 9,500! My numbers were a couple of weeks old)


Anonymous said...

Ryan came to our door a couple of weeks ago and he's a very impressive, humble, down to earth kind of guy! Which is a big departure from the previous guy.

It's going to be another close race in Strathcona but Ryan is working his butt off and he's very likeable. Duncan shouldn't underestimate him!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lot of doorknocking.

Roy Eappen said...

I met Ryan at Civitas. I really liked him. he strikes me as hardworking and really up to the challenge of winning back this seat. He has been steadily knocking on doors and meeting people.
I hope all my Alberta friends and readers will help get this young man elected.

maryT said...

Saturday I will be voting for a candidate to replace Rick Casson, who is retiring.
Check your dates re nomination for Ryan, shouldn't it be June 17, 2009.

maryT said...

I hope that many voters in her riding will be asking Linda if she agrees with her deputy leaders views on Israel.

Ardvark said...

Thanks MaryT, 2009 it is!

Ardvark said...

Unlike the other guy,Ryan Hastman will not be an absent MP.

Yes Rahim, this is not the same party you remember.

Jen said...

I hope that he stands up for Alberta and the oil-sands than Duncan continues bash.

Anonymous said...

Linda really is an extreme ideologue and a traitor to her province. Can't wait to vote against her.

Anonymous said...

It's funny reading the tory comments bashing Rahim the dream. When he was an MP all the tories in Edmonton talked about how great he was and the non-tories all barfed. Now, it comes out that Edmonton tories finally saw what others had seen years ago. I just wonder is that a recent revelation or were you guys hopelessly partisan and were advocating for Rahim only because of his party affiliation (ie lying and knowingly supporting a dud)?

Anonymous said...

Ryan might be a nice and hardworking guy but he is another party hack that has never had any real world experience...kinda like so many other Alberta tories (ie james rajotte, warkentin etc.). I would like to see more Laurie Hawns with a life of acheivement and less of these guys who are party apparatchiks.

If the best you can say is that Ryan is a nice guy then that is an insanely low threshold. You should expect a guy enetering politics to have a few social skills. THe ral question is does he have expereinec in business? Military? a profession? health? No...thenm he brings nothing to the table than his social skills. Big deal.

I'm not voting for a guy if he's a dud. I don't care what party he belongs to.

Anonymous said...

re: anon Fri Jun 18, 12:59:00 AM

Did you look at his website?

"About Ryan

Born and raised in Edmonton, Ryan is a University of Alberta school of business graduate and small business owner.

He attended French immersion education here in Edmonton, and can work in both of our official languages. Il parle français, etilvais travailler avec notre communauté francophone dans la langue de leur choix.

Ryan feels strongly about protecting and growing our economy. He is an entrepreneur: In 2001, he founded Somnia Inc., a leading interactive web development company and continues to play a direct management role in the company. He is a strong supporter of Edmonton's small business and entrepreneurial community.

He was a founding director of the Edmonton Young Professionals association and sat on the Advertising Club of Edmonton's board of directors. Most recently, he became a founding director of Her Dream Next Door, a mentoring organization for young women.

Ryan can get results for Edmonton-Strathcona. He spent 2.5 years in Ottawa getting to know how government works. During that time Ryan served in the office of an Alberta MP, a senior cabinet minister, and in the Prime Minister's Office.

Ryan and his wife Lianne live near the Mill Creek ravine with their dog Winston."

Actually sounds pretty impressive for a 30 year old.

Anonymous said...

His bio says he founded and runs his own company, that he's been involved in the community and that he has Ottawa government experience. That's not bad for a 30 year old. He's also clearly not afraid of hard work.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to stump for his contituents on the rights to their property? Will he stump for his contituents to abolish the CHRC and defend their free speech?

Or is he into "government knows best"?

I don't vote for any government that tells me "I'm not saving enough", when the biggest "cost" to taxpayers IS government!

Ardvark said...

Anon @ 10:24: I am sure Linda Duncan will take care of all that stuff for you. Give her a call and ask.

maryT said...

Went to the poll at 8.00 a.m. this am to vote, and there were about 50 people waiting in line. Results around 7.00p.m. tonight.

Ardvark said...

Jim Hillyer wins in Lethbridge!