Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Edmonton Strathcona Nomination Update!

We have a winner. Ryan Hastman has won the CPC nomination for Edmonton-Strathcona.

In what was a late night Wednesday in Edmonton-Strathcona for the 3 candidates vying for the CPC nomination. In the end in what was described as a "redonkulous close" vote, Ryan Hastman was declared the winner over Linda Blade and Cathay Wagantall. With such good candidates it was not an easy choice for the residents of ES; congratulations to all of you for running such excellent campaigns.

Now the real work begins.

Paging Linda Duncan, paging Linda Duncan.
Ryan Hastman calling.



Anonymous said...

Just an outsider looking in, perhaps Cathy and Linda could be encouraged to run for the Wildrose Alliance in your provincial ridings around Edmonton Strathcona.

Anonymous said...

I live in the riding and thought it inevitable that some day a NDP candidate would win this seat. After last election, I waited to see what was to come. Would I need a special card to enter and leave the riding? Would I receive a different special card that would entitle me to free land and bread? No, the only thing that I remember coming from my member of parliament was a lame attempt to institute "Hockey Day".
BRING IT ON! I put the flag Stephen Harper gave me in my window, and would like to see others do the same. I just hope Linda does not become another "Landslide Annie".

maryT said...

According to the site 308 something, Linda is gone after the next election, but he says 3 libs will be elected in AB. Wonder where that will? be. But, if I lived in that ridings, after watching Linda on TV in QP, yikes.
One would think that Layton would have given her major duties etc and lots of face time, to encourage her re-election.
Congratulations to the winner. I hope he spends the summer door knocking, speaking, bbqing to get his name and face out there. And don't forget fundraising. We need that riding back.

Jen said...

Lynda Duncan who bashed the 'oilsands in her own province has got to go.


Gayle said...

"...if I lived in that ridings, after watching Linda on TV in QP, yikes.
One would think that Layton would have given her major duties etc and lots of face time, to encourage her re-election."

The number one reason Linda Duncan won was Stephen Harper.

You may forget this, but the guy before her became a national embarassment when he had his aide pretend to be him so he could party away at the grand opening of his coffee shop.

Other than being pretty, Jaffer really did not do much. Well, there was that time when the entire city got to make fun of him when he suggested the NDP supported drug dealers in our schools. Good times...

Ardvark said...

Gayle please make up your mind, you are all over the place on this.

Was it PM Harper or was it Rahim?

Not that it matters really, but it is nice of you to acknowledge that the loss was a result of something the cpc did wrong rather than what Linda Duncan did right.

Anonymous said...

NorthernRaven is way, way, way to the north. Why on earth would such good candidates as Cathay Wagantall and Linda Blade want to run for the Wildrose Alliance? It's a loser party with no seats. Its support exists only in pipe dreams.

Gayle said...

The number 1 reason was Harper, I was just responding to Mary's suggestion that I should be embarassed by my MP.

Duncan was the first non CPC candidate in that riding to unify the anti-Harper vote behind her, so I suggest she did something right. It is called campaigning - and she did it in spades. The fact that she has an excellent reputation and is clearly an intelligent and articulate individual did not hurt.

And you are right, the CPC did do something wrong - they elected Stephen Harper as their leader.

Anonymous said...

Harper makes me proud to be a Canadian.

Ardvark said...

I think you are giving too much credit to Duncan and not enough to other factors such as Stephane Dion, and an incumbent MP who may not have worked as hard as he should have.

"And you are right, the CPC did do something wrong - they elected Stephen Harper as their leader."

Yup, that was a terrible move and the 2 election wins prove it.

Nice theory.

Gayle said...

I live in that riding, and I know Jaffer worked harder than before. Why, he even came to my neighbourhood, for the first time in the 10 years I lived there. My neighbourhood is solidly NDP and generally he leaves it alone. I knew Duncan was going to win the day I came home to find Jaffer's team had come a'knocking.

My sister's neighbourhood is usually mixed (she lives in the riding too) but there were NDP signs galore over there.

It really had nothing to do with Dion. The CPC have always benefitted from a split vote in that riding. This is why the NDP and the LPC constantly campaigned on the basis that they had the candidate most likely to defeat Jaffer.

In 2006, to some people's surprise, Duncan came in second. Then she ran again, and so there was name recognition and the belief that she was the only one who could defeat Jaffer. Many liberal voters switched their votes, and I am pretty sure they are going to keep voting ABH.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Iggy is "just visiting" from the US, it appears we'll have to make do with Hastman "honeymooning" to Edmonton from Ottawa.

Back in November 2008, MLA Jonathan Denis said this of Hastman and his wife in the Leg:

“I’m pleased to introduce to you and through you to this Assembly two friends of mine who are visiting from Ottawa, Lianne Hastman and Ryan Hastman...Ryan is the executive assistant to the Minister of International Trade and former Member for Red Deer-North in this Assembly, Stockwell Day. More importantly, both of them were married on November 1, and they’re here on their honeymoon."

How many ways can you spell, Parachute?

Anonymous said...

Hastman is from Edmonton. He went to Ottawa for a couple of years to get somegovernment/Ottawa experience. this is a good thing!

It doesn't take a sleuth to discover he's from here.

UofA Business Alumni Magazine: 2002

Edmonton Journal 2005:

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of the Hastmans. They had a wedding ceremony in Edmonton so that all of Ryan's friends and family here could participate. And they honeymooned in Banff!

Ardvark said...

Parachute, my pet donkey. Ryan is from Edmonton, went to school in Edmonton, and was even married in Edmonton.

He did go to Ottawa to work, but has returned and will be the next MP fpr Edmonton Strathcona. Nice try anon but the facts prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that Anon@8:33 is questioning the local connections of someone who chose to honeymoon in Alberta in the middle of November.