Monday, June 08, 2009

The Nomination Candidates: Edmonton-Strathcona.

Tonight is the last of 2 scheduled CPC nomination candidates forums which will be taking place at the Granite Club, 8620-107 St at 7 p.m. If you are a current member please take the time to come out and listen to the candidates and get informed. One of these three is going to become the Conservative candidate in the next federal election and with a bit of hard work will become your Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcona.

The candidates: some background and some personal thoughts on each.

(in alphabetical order)

Linda Blade: Website. Linda has been married for 20 years and has 2 children, she has a PhD in Kinesiology, has conducted research and sport-related seminars at the university level in Africa, Asia, North America and South America and is currently the Sports Performance Manager at the RoyalGlenora Club. She was the Canadian Champion in the Heptathlon 1986 and Pentathlon (indoor) in 1987 and represented Canada in international competition. She has been active in the community being a founding member of the Edmonton Sports Council and the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry as well as having experience as a multiple term Board Director for Athletics Alberta.

Some personal thoughts and opinions: If I could sum up Linda in a single word it would be energy. This is quite evident when you meet her in person and her success in the world of sports both personally and with training/coaching others bears this out. While not having the most political experience of the bunch she is well aware of the situation in Edm-Strathcona and after speaking with her it is clear that she knows what it will take to win and the determination to make it happen. Her performance at the candidates forum was good and she was able to show off some of that energy as well as her political skills in a public setting.

Ryan Hastman: Website. Ryan is married and is a graduate of the University of Alberta School of Business. He speaks French, started his own business and was also founding director of the Edmonton Young Professionals association and Her Dream Next Door, a mentoring organization for young women. Politically Ryan has been active on many boards in the past and he recently returned home to Edmonton after working in Ottawa for a senior cabinet minister and in the Prime Minister's Office.

Some personal thoughts and opinions: Ryan may be the youngest of the candidates (which could be an asset in the riding) but he has plenty of political experience. His ability to speak French has to be considered a plus and he too knows what is required to win back the riding and has some good ideas towards achieving that goal. His performance in the forum was very good and I was impressed that he used no notes. He came across as very approachable with good political knowledge and instincts, and looks to be a good team player with fresh ideas for the conservatives.

Cathay Wagantall: Website. Cathay has been married for 33 years and has 3 married children and 5 grandchildren. She studied Physical Education at the University of Saskatchewan and served as Athletic Director at Taylor College and Seminary as well as in development, accounting, and student loans. She and her husband have ran their own business and she has been very active in the community. Politically Cathay has served on Conservative Party of Canada Board of Directors for Edmonton – Mill Woods – Beaumont since 2004 where she has been the Election Readiness Chair, President, and Financial Agent, she was a delegate to the last 2 Conservative National Conventions and was the campaign manager for MP Mike Lake for 2 successful election campaigns.

Some personal thoughts and opinions: Here is where my bias is going to show through. Having personally worked with Cathay in the past, briefly on the 2006 campaign and to a much greater extent on the 2008 campaign, I can safely say that she has a work ethic that is second to none after having seen her in action. This work ethic combined with her history and desire to serve the community will be a strong asset. Her performance at the forum was good as she came across as straight forward and honest, demonstrated a good grasp of politics both locally and nationally and like the others she knows what it will take to win in the riding.

Having spoke with each of the candidates and after having attend the first forum I can honestly say that any of them would make a good representative both locally and in Ottawa for the people of Edmonton-Strathcona. All have expressed and shown a willingness to work hard to serve their communities and have committed to increase the conservative presence in the riding. All are supporters of PM Harper, all have expressed a belief in conservative principles, and all have shown that they know what it will take to turn Edmonton-Strathcona blue once again. But only one will get to face off against incumbent Linda Duncan of the NDP and it is going to be up to the CPC members of Edmonton-Strathcona to make the decision on which of these three worthy candidates gets the nomination.

So get out, get informed, and choose wisely.

The nomination vote will take place Wednesday June 17, 2009 at the Delta Hotel South located at 4404 Gateway Blvd NW.

Voting will take place between 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Note time change!

The ballot will be preferential where you list your first, second, third choice.

Please bring two pieces of ID. One photo ID as well as something that shows your name and address within the riding. (Examples: Driver’s license, current original bank or credit card statement, current original utility bill, personal cheque, vehicle registration etc)


maryT said...

I hate preferential ballots. Who will come up the middle and win, like Dion and Stelmach.
It is not mandatory to mark 1,2,3 is it.

Ardvark said...

No, I don't believe that marking only one choice would spoil the ballot.

One of the reasons for using the preferential ballot is to ensure that everyone that voted gets their choice/choices counted. Not everyone can hang around and wait for subsequent votes which can sometimes can drag on long into the night.

Anonymous said...

Who are you voting for?

CM said...

From someone that hasn't been following this until recently it seems like Hastman is the one thats going to take this. Hes the youngest, and has the most political experience. Linda seems to have no political antenna for politics. Cathay seems to be a nice grandma who help Mike Lake out after the nomination was already over, although I know a few people that got calls from Mike Lakes wife.

Jon said...

Hastman and his team have been busy in the riding and are the best choice for the riding. It was clear, to me, from the last town hall that Hastman should be the ridings candidate to win this riding back.

maryT said...

So, if he wins will the ndp campaign that it is anti female if one votes against her.

Anonymous said...

No notes equals a good candidate?
Hastman had nothing to say!

Strong woman is the best option - how
About experience and global knowledge.

Linda has passion - ideas and the best
Chance to regain the seat.

Anonymous said...

My fear is hastman will get shredded in
The next election - duncan already
Slayed the young businessman with
Political connections - and Hastman
Has half of what Rahim had...

Who will win the seat back - only
Linda Blade has the package to win
The seat back.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this forum Al! you are our local Hii Times - and more!

Anonymous said...

I am concerned with the political judgment, or lack thereof, that Linda has shown so far. even she admits she is very green in the political area. In the first town hall sh answered a question about our french community by speaking in spanish. Recently on her website she actually brags that she attended a reception by Louis Arbour. What will be next?

Ardvark (on the road) said...

Anon1: Since I do not have a vote I am doing my best to stay neutral. I do of course have a favorite but I could easily support any of the 3.

CM, Ryan does have experience but I think you are selling both Linda and Cathay short.

MaryT, the gender factor is there, but I am not sure how much if any it will play it the outcome considering Rahim won this riding more than a few times.

Anon2: Sorry but no notes does not = nothing to say. Leave the spin for the NDP and Liberals.

Anon3: I doubt Ryan or any of the others would get "shredded" by LD. Remember Rahim lost by less than 500 votes.

Anon4: Thanks, I just hope some people are taking advantage of the info I have provided.

Ardvark(on the road) said...

BTW I was unable to attend last nights forum.

Any comments from those that were there are more than welcome.

Anonymous said...

Al - last nights forum was attended by over 100 people - great turn out..lots of great questions, concerns from many wondering who was going to do what to win the next election...Linda Duncan will be formiddable was the general concern. Many were looking for the candidate with the broadest appeal - all candidates made some points last night.

CM said...

Linda just seems to be learning on the fly. I'm sure shes a nice lady. But she had in her website that she wanted a "nurturing citizenry" then meeting with the most Liberal Supreme Court Justice ever. Now its gone from her website. She should know what conservative values are before running. I heard that Cathay and Ryan did really well last night. Its to risky to have someone with no political experience running against Duncan. To use a Blade analogy training for the Olympics takes years of practice and training, its not the first race you run in ever.

Anonymous said...

Linda Blade is an extraordinary woman CM Did you also read the endorsement of Jerry Bouma, the community people and the man from Cameroon whom Linda inspired and changed his life? Has any other candidate gained international recognition in sport and coaching or even been recognized in Edmonton. Would you suggest that "i wasnt born then..." Hastman has much to offer for leadership or vision, after carrying Stockwell Days papers around for years?

Anonymous said...

I just hate when youth in politics is ridiculed like this. I go to the UofA and young people are the now and the future. Our youth are capable of doing amazing things and having loads of experience and a fresh perspective. I don't know any of the candidates here but making fun of a candidates youth disenfranchises all of us and discourages us from getting involved. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

then dont point out the obvious repeatedly in public forums, and dont suggest being young is only way of interjecting fresh ideas.
I know the sting of rejection from Exec MBA programs because i was only ... However ryan should not point out as he did last night his Reagan story (even though he was 2) and the last town hall that he wasnt born then. If you think that is tough - wait until Linda Duncan chews him up...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't at the townhalls, but I fail to see why someone being 2 when Reagan was around is relevant. I wasn't even born when Reagan was alive. Being young doesn't mean you get "chewed up", ignoring us means you get "chewed up". We're the ones that volunteer to go door knocking and calling, Linda Duncan knows that, thats why all my friends at UofA voted for her. No one wants a candidate that thinks youth aren't valuable, being rejected for an MBA doesn't make you a good MP. Knowing who the voters are does.

Anonymous said...

if you weren't at either of the townhalls, then now is when you should stop aruging about them - you dont know the context. I am not running to be an MP.
Since the membership is from 14 to 114, there is a range of life experiences to learn from and share and a membership to connect to. And frankly, my experienec in campaigning has more seniors volunteer than youth - they know the value of the franchise and the blood that has been shed for it - and never take it for granted. Despite the winner - i will hold you accountable though to be one of the volunteers out doorknocking though - we all should be very active and take nothing for granted. it is called learning from the past...

Ardvark said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Make sure you get out to vote on the 17th if you are a member in Edm-Strathcona.

Interesting thoughts/opinions on how age may impact the race.

Ardvark said...

I put a poll up on the sidebar. My apologies for first putting up Linda Duncan as a choice instead of Linda Blade.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Hastman has the most to offer, great experience, a young and fresh approach, clear understanding of the issues and is the type of guy who would represent his constituents well in Ottawa. The choice is an easy onem

Anonymous said...

Hastman is my choice.
He has the most experience. Knows what hes doing. He'll get things done for us. And I like that he has energy and knows business.