Monday, June 15, 2009

All eyes are on Ignatieff.

All eyes are on Michael Ignatieff today as he ponders whether or not to throw the country into an expensive and unwanted election, and I bet he is loving every minute of it. The man does like being the center of attention and he is getting lots of it today.

I am just home from working the night shift and am off to bed. Somebody please wake me if it looks like we are going to the polls.


wilson said...

Have a good sleep AA.

Nothing changed,
Iffy backs down,
media attack Harper government...same old same old.

Anonymous said...

All Eyes on Ignatieff!!!!

Wow. That is exactly what he craves. Adulation. Adoration. Supplication.

Will he be blowing lots of kisses?

Anonymous said...

I listened to Iffy's presser and it looks like he is going to try to keep the spotlight on himself for a few more days.

The man is a narcissist and it is going to backfire on him big time.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff wants a clear answer but he is not capable of ever giving one himself. Canadians want leadership and he is not showing any of us that he possesses this quality.

Watching the MSM punditry after the speech it looks like he messed up badly because so far they seem to be laughing at Iggy.

Anonymous said...

"All eyes on iggy" God help us how
can anybody look at that man?

Anonymous said...

"He (Ignatieff) is not as pretty as he once was..."

Bec said...

Gawd, he sounds and acts like a bully, bossy father.
It is sooooo irritating to listen to, that I think that is what will get him when he gets into an election.

All comments here are terrific.

No AA, we know nothing more than we did when you hit the sack.

maryT said...

Newman just said he is on staff till July 31, and has been asked and agreed to stay on for the next election.

revanche said...

Lemme get this straight.

It takes Iggy 20 minutes to tell And he schedules 30 minutes so reporters can learn, what exactly?

wilson said...

oh, it didn't stop there revanche,
then Iffy goes on Power Play to make sure everyone knows what he really really means:
-he backed down the EI 360 hill
-he backed down the Friday deadline hill
-Iffy is flexible
(Rick Mercer sure pegged that one right!)

Obviously from this am to this afternnon, Iffy got the word...Harper stands firm, if you don't want an election back down that hill little one.