Monday, June 01, 2009

It is an international border you idiots.

Mike Bradley the mayor of Sarnia, Ontario, a man who I doubt actually saw the Berlin Wall, told CBC News that "That longest and friendliest border in the world is now an invisible Berlin Wall" due to the "heightened militarization".

Maybe he should just do what these guys did and threaten to storm the Canadian Border Services post.

Why is it that people think that because they have a drivers license that they should not be required to get any other type of ID documents. Is it really that hard to just get a damn passport and be done with it.


Skinny Dipper said...

The reality is that with a passport, it will be easier for a Canadian citizen to get into Europe than into the US. European customs and immigration officials don't usually ask questions. The UK is an exception. God bless our queen.

roblaw said...

I have to echo Skinny Dipper's comments. Last fall I travelled to Italy, and then into Slovenia and Croatia - never more than, literally, 120 seconds to cross any of them. Check passport, and in we go - no questions asked. None.

Two comments.

Why is it that I can walk over three borders as a Canadian and never be asked if I have a fire arm, if I have a grapefruit, a cigar or some uncooked pork chops - yet I stand in line for sometimes hours to cross the most peaceful border crossing in history between Canada and the U.S.?

Secondly, it appears quite clear that the U.S. problems with terrorism are largely internal (witness recent arrests in New York). At the same time, they have millions of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. from Mexico, and a good portion of their politicians are supporting "amnesty" for their trouble - yet, again, there is this massive window dressing going on, with drone airplans, armed border guards, etc., etc., between Canada and the U.S.. do we really need it, or are we spending millions of dollars for no particularly worthwhile purpose?