Monday, June 29, 2009

While some people take the summer off......

While some people take the summer off, others are continuing to work.

Take for example this little bit from the news.

While Michael Ignatieff enjoys his summer off and walks in parades that were in a large part paid for by a grant from the Federal Government; that very same Harper led government continues to work for Canadians and signs a free trade deal with Jordan.

Agree or disagree on some of their specific policies, any objective observer would have to admit that the Conservatives have run an effective government. Perfect they are not, but they are getting it done with regards to running that behemoth known as government.

Did you know that since November of last year this government has had 26 pieces* of legislation reach royal assent? Not bad considering the world wide recession, the coup attempt, a forced deficit budget, and a new arrogant Liberal leader who changes his positions almost daily.

*This does not include the crime legislation that is currently being held up by the Liberal dominated senate while coincidentally at the very same time we see Liberal MPs running around the country claiming to be tough on crime.


The records of the parties speak for themselves and that is why the next election is going to be much tougher to fight than what most Liberals believe.

Bring it on Iggy, we are ready. Are you?

Update: Another Harper policy that is paying off as Tim Horton's files to make their US division declared a Canadian company for tax purposes. Go Obama!

Update and Repost: More results that even lefties could love.


Soccermom said...

$400,000 for a parade during a recession?

I'm pissed.

That's one large Liberal/NDP voting block we just made very happy.

Meanwhile, Toronto cancels its Canada Day celebrations.

Can we divorce ourselves from this effed up city?

Ardvark said...

I get just as frustrated as the next guy sometimes but we have to remember that PM Harper is running the Canadian Government and not the CPC government. There is a responsibility to all not just some.

Soccermom said...

I guess my point is we have to slow down the funding of all of these so-called cultural events. When you think about how much money is doled out every year for every nationality/celebration type deal, it would be mind-boggling.

Fundraise, people! Do your own fundraising!!! Can't people do anything on their own anymore??

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great post, Ardvark.

The discussion at my place was a bit of an epiphany for me when JDot explained that Pride applied for the grant by the rules.

Ardvark said...

In principle I am against having to fund "events" with government cash to begin with, but if the government is currently giving out money to events such as The Calgary Stampede, I can't find fault with giving some to the Pride parade as well.