Friday, June 12, 2009

Something I heard last evening.

If there is one thing that really shows just how much Michael Ignatieff is out of touch with your average Canadian it is his belief that somehow the public is interested in having another federal election.

I couldn't agree more.

Have a good weekend everyone. Take some time to enjoy all that life and the weather has to offer while Ignatieff ponders spending $300,000,000 of your tax dollars in the middle of a recession to pad his own résumé.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget that with an election all that stimulis money will be frozen and all projects that have started or about to start will be shut down.

Éric said...

It will give all those people who lost their jobs under Harper a chance to make some money working for Elections Canada.

Anonymous said...

Wow six weeks of work out of 52 then we can all go on EI.

wilson said...

And all those Canadians whose jobs were saved or created under Harper,
a time to relax.

Éric said...

Well, they deserve it. The drive-thru at McDonald's is very demanding.

Anonymous said...

Last I checked...working at Mc Donalds was honest work...or did I miss something?

Éric said...

It certainly is honest work. You can't feed your family with the wage, but you get the fries other people didn't want.

roblaw said...

AA.. why would we expect a separatist to understand the value of being self-sufficient?

Although, that being said, Eric, I did actually apply to run for the Bloc, to support their efforts at separation.

wilson said...

'his belief that somehow the public is interested in having another federal election'

Like Iffy believed having the Bloc on the government side in the coalition of losers, was a really good thing,
5 months later,
he figured out that the separatists are out to tear apart the country,
and he wants nothing to do with them (sorry Eric, that must hurt eh, buddy)...
very slow learner, eh!

wilson said...

ps. at least Duceppe is the real deal,
Iffy is a phoney.

maryT said...

All those who supposedly lost their jobs under Harper should have lost them a few years ago, in the auto industry.
And a lot of those MC D workers are there because they want to be. Young students, retired women, disabled who McD treat very well.
Also a lot of their workers are on other sources of income but can top it up with a few extra dollars.

Gayle said...

"...why would we expect a separatist to understand the value of being self-sufficient?"

What does one have to do with the other?

'...his belief that somehow the public is interested in having another federal election.'

How interested was the public in having the last one.

At least you people are consistent in your hypocrisy.

Biff said...

I think he's going to pull the pin. I've got a post up about it, but the jest is, he won't be able to stand being in Canada just to be in opposition.

He can hold his nose no longer, and its now or never.

paulsstuff said...

"How interested was the public in having the last one."

Apparently quite a bit Gayle. It was Dion and the Liberals who ran around for weeks saying "Canadians had an appetite for an election".

Éric said...

I don't remember that. Do you have a source?

It was the Conservatives who dissolved Parliament, not the Liberals.

paulsstuff said...

Here's one from when Dion first started saying Canadians wanted an election:

He continued that mantra throughout the summer, then cried foul when he got an election.

paulsstuff said...

Gayle said...

Which does not answer my question Paul - but then, you know the public NEVER wants an election.

How is this time any different - besides the fact that the last election was scheduled to Harper's advantage, and should there be one this time it would not be to Harper's advantage.

Interesting how much you people seem to care about spending money on an election now that you know your party of choice will probably lose.

paulsstuff said...

Gayle, you were the one who asked how interested the public was in having the last election. I showed Dion and the Liberals said they were very interested.

And I never mentioned the cost of an election. Could care less. The problem Iggy has now is he supported the budget in January, and now threatens to topple the government because he says stimulus funding isn't going out the door fast enough.

The fact is the ways and means motion on Friday must be passed before that stimulus cash can be released. As the PM stated, over 80% of that money is committed, with contracts signed and work ready to start up as soon as that vote passes. If it doesn't pass, Iggy is going to wear the fact all those contracts and stimulus spending got squashed after screaming about the PM not getting money out. I'm guessing the Premiers and mayors won't be happy.

I myself might be in the minority here. I welcome an election. Iggy and the Liberals want an election for no other reason than they think they can get back into power, and if they wait till fall with a rebounding economy their chances will diminish . Kinsella has admitted as much. To hell with Canadians, stimulus, the unemployed if it means getting back into power.

And that's why I'm quite certain that should an election occur, Iggy and the Liberals will soon realize being politically opportunistic during a recession might not be a wise election strategy.

Gayle said...

"I showed Dion and the Liberals said they were very interested."

Which does not mean they were.

As for the rest - who cares? Are you suggesting the last election was called for a legitimate reason? Because I remember Harper making up some nonsense about Parliament being paralyzed, when he had actually been able to pass all his bills, and his party was the one bent and determined to make sure nothing got done in committees.

In other words, Dion wanted an election in the fall because he knew the economy was going to take a nosedive and that would hurt Harper. Harper wanted an election before then because he knew the economy was going to take a nosedive and hurt him.

So I suggest you just quit the "holier than thou" crap and accept that all political leaders, including Harper, try to have an election when the timing is most advantageous for them.

Sure, I know Harper pretended he was going to do otherwise, but then he forgot all that when he violated his own legislation to call the last one.

You people complaining about political opportunism are just hypocrites.

Gayle said...

Just to be clear, I would be content whether or not an election is called now.

I have no problem with choosing a time that is most advantageous for the party seeking the election. But then, I never supported set election dates either, and my party of choice did not come into parliament touting such a law.

paulsstuff said...

"You people complaining about political opportunism are just hypocrites."

There's quite a differance between political opootunism during thae past 20 years and today Gayle. In this instance an election will put the kibosh on jobs, contracts, infrastructure. All the things Ignatieff has been championing.

He's put himself in a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation. Liberals were quite smitten when Iggy put the government on probation and put forward a budget amendment demanding the government provide economic updates. Now that it appears all that stimulus money and resulting jobs is set to take off, he is having buyers remorse.

Like I said, I welcome an election. Iggy and Kinsella thought they had dug Harper a hole, but they ended up falling into it themselves.

Gayle said...

Sure Paul. So about that prorogation - what did it delay again???

Oh yeah...

You know what they say about people in glass houses.

Gayle said...

But it is interesting how you skirt around that whole "I want set election dates until I don't" thing.

paulsstuff said...

"Sure Paul. So about that prorogation - what did it delay again???'

What did it delay Gayle? The prorogation meant the house at for exactly 4 less days than it was supposed to. Government gave it's economic update in November. The next budget was set for February, and Flaherty moved it up to January. By the way gayle, the Conservatives put a motion forth last week for the house to sit for extended hours the last week to get more things done. Like last year, all the opposition parties voted against. So spare me about who wants to get things done.

As for set election dates, its rather odd the opposition parties railed about the PM breaking that law even though they all passed the bill, which provided the clause which allowed the PM to do so. And here we are 8 months later and those same opposition parties are willing to braek the same supposed rule by forcing an election 3 years 4 months before due.

Funny that. Now if you will excuse me, it's a beautiful day here and it's time to take my ghg emitting 1968 Camaro out for a nice drive.

Gayle said...

"So spare me about who wants to get things done."

Oh, we could go round and round on this. How about delaying those justice bills, over and over and over again. Not to mention the handbook to disrupt committee meetings to ensure nothing gets done.

So I feel pretty good about my position on this one.

As for fixed dates, the opposition did not make that an election plank, they did not claim they were making government more accountable when they passed it, and they are not obligated to vote confidence in the government by its terms.

I see it is hard for you to face it, but the reality is it is no different for the LPC to choose a time that works for them than it is for Harper.

paulsstuff said...

Keep spinning Gayle, sadly you are the only one who believes it.

Gayle said...

The only one here maybe, but that does not count.

But hey - great response!

maryT said...

See #30 at BLY's latest post, informing us, via a link to the National Liberal Party in London, of Iggy's attendance at a big black tie affair on July 8. A lot of people are paying big money to go, will Iggy deny them the pleasure of listening to him lecture and shaking his hand. I doubt it. Bet he forgot that date when he stated he would take 60 seconds, (if he had time) to read all 200+ pages of the report. Guess he is a slower reader than we thought, it will now take him till Monday to get thru it.
Spending estimates are always voted on in JUNE, and until then nothing goes out. Didn't Iggy know that when he demanded a report in June. All their complaining that no money is moving is a cover up for their ignorance. Same goes for the media.
I heard the Calgary mayor (a lib) praising the money for Calgary.
As for the coalition having more support of the x% who didn't vote for PMSH, a higer %age didn't vote the other parties.
Within a week of a campaign we will know for sure if the coalition is still an option, by the way the NDP/Bloc go after Iggy.
And poor Lizzie, looks like her chances in Nova Scotia have gone up in smoke.

maryT said...

Another thing brought up is all the support teams on the ground that have just won elections in their province. Then we will have 3 defeated leadership candidates in Ont, ready to hit the hustings for PMSH, with war chests and volunteers. Maybe they will run federally and win.
Adscam names will be realeased soon, during an election if Iggy pulls the plug, not good for his chances in Quebec.
Decisions, decisions, decision,
Staredown in the HofC next week.
Or is it more like Monty Halls pick a door. With the PM waiting for the prize-a majority.

Jen said...

It's the lefty medias that is pushing for an election.
They want their 'free money'

Éric said...

Everything is a conspiracy. Everything is manipulated. Everything is bias.

And around and around the record goes.

Rich said...

Note: election will stop the functions of government; therefore
1. no stimulus money will flow to cities and provinces.
2. No government memeber will be lobbying American congressman to rescind the buy american clause which will hurt Canada;s trade.
3. Economy is turning around and any stimulus money will aid businesses to create more jobs.

Rich said...

reading the comments about election or no election: I listened to Joel-Denis Bellavance on CTV QP who said the Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc are ready willing and able for an election and that Gilles has a number of attack ads in French regarding statements made by Ignatieff on bill 101. He also stated that Ignatieff's support is strictly on the Island of Montreal (Lib's stronghold): This could help the Conservatives in ridings outside Montreal.
I personally think that Iggy will do a Stephane and have a number of his MP'S take a bathroom break during the nonconfidence vote.