Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iggy blew his chance.

A article today from the Chronicle Herald on how Ignatieff does not have the killer instinct needed for a party leader and how this has lead to him having now missed his best opportunity to bring down the government and force an election.

My favorite line from the above article: "If Jean Chretien was somehow magically the Liberal leader right now, does anyone doubt that we’d be in an election?"

This to me is a telling line. Not so much because it is true, but it is a subtle reminder to everyone that when it comes to throw 'em down nasty politics, Jean Chretien was in a league of his own. The Liberals like to yell at the top of their lungs about how PM Harper is being such a bully, but when you compare the 2 most would have to admit that Jean wins in the "bully" department hands down.


wilson said...

"If Jean Chretien was somehow magically the Liberal leader right now, does anyone doubt that we’d be in an election?"

Chretien faced a divided right,
so winning wasn't that tough a job, now was it.

Remember too, when facing a united right,
it was Chretien and Broadbent that were brokering the Coalition of Losers.

IMO Chretien would be caving just like Dion and Iffy.

What Chretien may have done differently (after the failed coup) being very experienced in the ups and downs of the Canadian economy,
he may have seen the opportunity to take credit for the recovery by actually proposing ideas.

That move would have make the Cons look like apprentices.
But, Iffy is a dud.
No experience, pretty much just a vacuum cleaner salesman.

Ardvark said...

I think I found something I disagree with you with Wilson and it is JC.

I have more respect for Chretien as a politician than anyone else who has lead the Libs in the last 40 years. He knew the game and he played it very well.

Don't believe me? Just ask Paul Martin.

Paul M said...

Whats telling for me is that the Chronicle seemed disapointed that Iggy didn't bring down the government.

The MSM really has jumped the shark with this "scandal", they've put their bias on front stage for all to see.

Ardvark said...


Talking down to the youth of Canada is never a smart political move, and to to borrow from Canada's most famous tourist; I hate political parties who think 26 year olds are stupid.

Calgary Junkie said...

Oh good grief. What will it take for it to sink into these "anaylsts" heads that Iggy would need BOTH Jack and Gilles to go along with him ? Never mind the polls, just ask yourself if, after getting stabbed in the back over the Coalition, Jack and Gilles are in any mood to do Iggy any favours any time soon ? L. Ian Macdonald has written that Duceppe doesn't like Iggy, on a personal level.

If all that doesn't convince you of Iggy's impotence, ask yourself if Iggy looks like a negotiator, or has ever DONE any negotiating (Harper has a long successful record as a negotiator).

Iggy needs dumb luck more than anything else to get the early election that some Liberals want.

wilson said...

I agree that Chretien was the best Libs had, I voted for him (once).

''He knew the game and he played it very well.''

So then why was Chretien, with NDP Broadbent, brokering the Coalition of Losers?
Giving up cabinet seats to Dippers and courting separatists?
Literally, in writing, giving up controll to lefties, just to remain in government.

maryT said...

Will the results of the election in NS yesterday defate Iggy's numbers there. Maybe those voters will think, look how much more we could get with NDP mps. Doesn't look good for lizzie next time out. What did greens get, 2%.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff is no Chretien.

Anonymous said...

Chretien was no fool to opportunity and would not go to an election broke.
But then Chretien would have been electioneering from day one using his 50 yrs of political and media connections to create and promote an abstract lie that could not be quickly dis proven. Like say Airbus or he'd use a patriotic paper written to protect Provincial Constitutional rights from an encroaching federal government out of context and scream loudly "Hates Canada"!!!, Like PM Harper's firewall paper.
Iggy is out of his league.

Soccermom said...

"Chretien faced a divided right,
so winning wasn't that tough a job, now was it."


He was/is a prick, always will be. I'll never forget the way he treated Reformers. He is an awful man. I spit in his direction...

Ardvark said...

Tough room. Not to many Chretien fans amongst the readership I guess. =)

All of the other stuff aside, the man was a formidable politician.

roblaw said...

I was a "Chretienite" in the early '80's I remember him coming to speak to our law school class on the new Charter of Rights, and I stood and cheered. I voted for him, and I voted for John Turner.

I then watched John Turner get crushed by the mass of patronage appointments handed out by "small town cheap" Jean Chretien, I watched as Chretien feathered the nests of his palls in the adscam affair - and have recently gained some new insight into the "gift" of Digby Wharf to Ralston MacDonnell, also on Chretien's watch.

He is truly an embrassment to Canada, and almost single-handedly, turned this Liberal "blue".

Chretien was a politician, at the end of the day, in the worst sense of the term.

Trudeau, I could respect. His plans were naive and misguided, but he had a sense of principal and purpose. Chretien, at the end of the day was a cheap political opportunist.

At the end of the day, his reputation is left slightly below that of Brian Mulroney.

Jen said...

AA, the liberals need not worry on any issue, that's why they stole, while their tripe media watched and said nothing. Ignatieff learnt very fast that in the liberal world the media does all the work for them, on one condition, that they,the media, get paid heavily for their dirty job.

GOOD REPORTERS who value their credentials as journalists to report all sides-a fair balance. will be the ones who will succeed.
It may not be easy for them but the feeling within will be at peace, self-respect and dignity.

Ignatieff and the corrupt liberal party will never run this country as LPOC alone. LPOC are under control by DUCEPPE, LAYTON, CAF, TERRORIST GROUPS, DANNY WILLIAMS and others. Their 'media tripe reporters are also control.

Two Democrats walked over to the Republican side. OBAMA is going down in full speed.