Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little Adler for your late night enjoyment.

Charles Adler has some advice for Michael Ignatieff:

Dear Michael,

It must be very strange being Michael Ignatieff. You are operating in your usual manner. Your M.O. has the same three-boned skeleton that is the architecture of your unreliable character:

1) No firm decisions;

2) No serious commitments;

3) No 100 percent certitude.

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wilson said...

''Michael, one of the issues that you think you have a handle on is Employment Insurance.
You were charming that snake for about a month before you abandoned it, like you do everything else.''

All 'breaking news' today says that a fall election is on.

So Iffy has the entire summer to charm and then abandon more 'snakes' on the BBQ trail,
as he swings to and fro,
in and out, up and down.

Should be interesting.

Ardvark said...

I think this part nails Iggy's performance as a politician.

Around hump day of last week, you said you were waiting for the PM to release his progress report on infrastructure spending and you would grade it and decide whether or not to flunk your student Stephen Harper by pulling the pin on the government. Well the Prime Minister released his report. You said you would look at it, sleep on it, and make a decision on Friday. The decision you made Friday was to postpone the decision until Monday. You announced that you had decided to ask the Prime Minister questions and then Question period came along and you had no questions for him on EI or the Deficit or anything else having to do with Canada’s most important issue - not your book reviews - the Economy. No decision. No questions. You indicated you wanted to meet with the PM and excoriated him for not meeting with you. One of your admirers, Peter Mansbridge, asked if you had asked for a meeting. Apparently, you had not. And now that you have very publicly asked for one, you have gotten one.

So now Ignatieff is free to go back home to Europe to promote his book and shmooze with his elite circle of friends.