Monday, June 28, 2010

Liberals use copyright photo to raise money.

The Liberals are at it again. Using other peoples work for their own gain.

Today a fundraising email went out from the LPC to help raise money for Ignatieff's Do-over Tour 2010. In the email they make note of and publish the famous copyrighted picture of Stephen Harper at the Calgary Stampede dressed as a cowboy.

(photo as it originally appeared in the Calgary Herald)

Small problem. The picture that the Liberals are using overtly for financial gain is a copyrighted photo taken by Mikael Kjellstrom and originally published in The Calgary Herald July 9, 2005.

Did they seek permission and pay for the rights to this picture? I don't have the answer, although I will try to find out later today, but if the Liberals record on using other peoples copyrights is anything to go on, I doubt they did.

I should note that the photo in the LPC email is not attributed or identified as being from the Herald, Canwest, or taken by
Mikael Kjellstrom.


Bec said...

Hmmmm, palming other peoples property and ideas, where have we heard and seen that before?

There isn't a creative bone or independent thought,among them.

They have 'creatively' fine tuned the art of faux scandals however. At that, they EXCEL.

Calgary Junkie said...

BTW, Iggy won't be at the annual Liberal Stampede breakfast. The venue has been moved from the Calgary Zoo to the Stampede grounds.

They are charging $55 (which includes the $14 admission to the grounds), which is comparable to last year's $40 charge. The Libs obviously have a tin ear to the spirit of the Stampede, at which the overwhelming number of breakfasts are free.

I vaguely recall reading on the Lib blogs that Justin Trudeau will be there.

Ardvark said...

Justin will be there?

There go all of the CPC seats in Alberta. We are doomed!

Anonymous said...

Living in the past and losing in the present, yup liberals. (real conservative)

Jeff said...

Liberals prefer death by a thousand cuts. Although it's fun to watch, I wish they'd hurry up and be done with it already.

Jen said...

What about CBC CTV? the liberals use these stations to run their campaign. Raising money to them comes easy this is why CBC refuses to open our books -they are afraid that they would be found to have used our money to raise and promote LPOC.

Jen said...

LPOC don't need to raise money, CBC CTV does it for them for free.
CBC of course is using our money to fund LPOC.