Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Do you think these 2 were carrying paintball guns?

2 terrorists were killed by IDF today as they attempted to infiltrate the border.

I wonder if these 2 were carrying paintball guns like the Israeli commandos were.

You can watch the more popular videos of the incident here on Rob Breakenridge's blog. (watch the second video at about the 1 minute mark for a clear shot of the paintball guns being used.)

Peaceful aid workers preparing themselves.


Some background on maritime law and blockades, for people like Don Newman who have no clue. More here on the same subject.

BTW Egypt is also blockading Gaza but don't expect to hear much about that over the next few days, but don't believe me, ask George Galloway as he is very familiar with the Egyptian blockade.

A little photo editing by Reuters (Must see)


maryT said...

Fox news is reporting that another flotilla is being assembled for another try at getting into Gaza. And the reporter says expect the IDF to block it, using other methods.

Jen said...

The middle east apparently is allowed to blocade Gaza without fierce demonstration from protesters and lack of coverage from the media.
Hamas, a while back demolished some homes scattering palestinians from their homes-not a peep from the media nor outrage from the publice.

HAMAS executed a few palestinians and once again not an out rage nor protest against HAMAS.

HAMAS placed bombs in schools with children in it as well as in hospital and residental areas knowing full well that once the israeli's bomb is sent will go directly to those areas occupied by the children etc. Once again, not an outrage, nor protest nor gnashing of teeth by the media-all remain silent.
Many Palestinians work in Israel-not a word is heard.

This has nothing to do with PALISTINIANS OR PEOPLE LIVING IN GAZA, This whole mess is to 'get rid of ISRAEL.
Seems to me that when terrorists attack people, the world is not outrage nor is the media in tune with the story yet when one touches a terrorist causing his death-the world explodes, the media goes on their frenzy.
When Israel tries to defend her borders the world reacts.
It's no wonder terrorism lasts- is because protesters and the media don't mind nor say anything.

Anonymous said...

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Ardvark said...

The restraint shown by the IDF was amazing. Seriously, who else would have boarded the ships with paintball guns.

Too bad they are getting raked over the coals by the usual suspects.

Jan said...

Here is the link from Adrian McNair which shows the Israelis clearly warning the activist ship not to proceed. It is obvious they were trying to AVOID an incident, not provoke it. To see the video of this, go to Adrian McNair's website.

Flotilla Incident Certain To Be Blown Out Of Water
May 31, 2010 — Adrian MacNair
From what we know so far, six ships flying under a Turkish flag headed for Gaza with what was supposed to be a load of humanitarian aid supplies, as well as more than 600 “Free Gaza” activists. Three choppers and several commando boats approached the flotilla at about 4 a.m. local time, as the IDF moved to intercept their path to Gaza.

In a recorded video, the IDF requested that the main ship, the Mavi Marmara, stop its approach toward Gaza, which has been under an Israeli Naval Blockade since the terrorist organization Hamas took control of the territory. The IDF offered safe passage to the port of Ashdod, where the delivery of the humanitarian supplies could be unloaded and delivered into Gaza’s formal land border crossing under observation of the Gazan activists.

The flotilla refused to acknowledge the request, at which time the IDF engaged by rappelling onto the boats from helicopters. Five of the six ships were taken without incident, and nobody was harmed on either side. But in video captured of the incident, the commandos who rappelled onto the Mavi Marmara were attacked by the activists on board with knives, pipes, and other blunt instruments. One soldier was reportedly tossed over a railing, and landed on a deck below, where he was further beaten by other activists.

Several different videos seem to corroborate statements by the IDF that troops came under attack by the passengers, who were clearly enraged at having been boarded by the Israelis. To further avoid violence, the soldiers had been armed with paintball guns. If that sounds like something a military command would order with the intent to “massacre” civilians, it could not have been less effective.

After coming under attack, the commandos requested permission for the deployment of lethal force, which they were granted. Up to 10 activists are believed to have been killed in the ensuing melee, with some reports stating that the activists had got a hold of weapons from the soldiers and were firing at them.

The truth is that the IDF and the Israeli government have no intention to invite international condemnation by deliberately massacring civilians. In every confrontation with activists, you can see that the IDF actually takes great pains to limit the use of force for the very reason that accidents of this nature can lead to international incident. It is unfortunate that in this case the flotilla refused to listen to the warnings of the IDF naval blockade, and it led to the deaths of several activists as a result.

But let’s face it. This kind of action is precisely what plays into the hands of Hamas and Gaza activists. The portrayal of Israel as being a cruel and reactionary regime is exactly what they want to portray in the international media. As for the activists on board, with reports ranging from 600 to 700 people, is it really surprising that people so bold as to attempt to cross a naval blockade would hesitate to tear apart a genuine soldier of the “Zionist regime” if they got their opportunity?

As for Israelis, they can only sigh and await the coming tsunami of anti-Israeli rhetoric.