Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm with Rae. All the way.

From Warren Kinsella's blog May 27, 2010.

"I'm with Rae. All the way."

Referring of course to Bob Rae's recent comments on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Liberal-NDP Accord in Ontario while he was Premier and a possible future coalition between the Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP.

But is that what Warren really thinks? Is he really with Rae all the way?

From his (now deleted) blog an entry dated October 16, 2006: (highlighting mine)

"Okay, I think I’ve got it all figured out. Call it my pre-Halloween Political Analysis©. After attending the Liberal leadership thing in Toronto – and after reading the learned assessments of the punditocracy, wherein you will find as many opinions as there were journos in attendance – I have figured out that the Liberal Party of Canada is the Party of Fear. Its ultimate leadership selection will be determined by fear.

They are afraid:
  • That Michael Ignatieff is too right wing, like Turner or Martin, or too academic, like Kim Campbell;

  • That Gerard Kennedy is too bland, like Al Gore, or too incapable of French, like Preston Manning or John Crosbie;

  • That Stephane Dion is too French, like Gerard Kennedy is too English;

  • That Bob Rae is too much like an NDP Premier who lengthened and deepened a recession, laid off thousands of nurses, oversaw countless businesses shutting down, caused massive economic and social dislocation, seemed indifferent to one of the most scandal-plagued administrations in Ontario history, and only tore up his NDP membership card when it had taken his ambition as far as it could reasonably go. You know, that Bob Rae is, um, still Bob Rae.
The problem is that Stephen Harper doesn’t really scare Canadians anymore, or possibly never did. That’s the Grits’ problem.

Rob Anders, however, remains scary. Also, Liza Minelli. She scares me quite a bit. "

Doesn't sound like he is to me.

Update: Sort of related: Liberals can't remove Iffy even if they wanted to.


CanadianSense said...

The Winds of Change is the demographics don't support the "just society" of big taxes and a big nanny state.

Homeowners don't have room to absorb more taxes.

The Global financial meltdown has shown lib-dem-sep alliance will cost jobs and money and state bankruptcy.

Canadians don't trust the separatists or NDP.

The old media is resigning itself to try to change the system because their political party can't win.

The old media does not understand they are no longer trusted.

The internet has replaced them as a more credible place to share information.

An election map shows how small the Liberal Party has become, they have not been a National Party since 70's.

They have greatly benefited from ON-QC-ATL seat distribution, destruction of PCs, rise of Separatists and NDP repeating a tactical error in 'making parliament work'.

The pollsters may be in for a big shock on electio nite.

Blame Crash said...

Oh My! Did he really say that? How unfortunate!

But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. When you fling open the cupboard doors and only see one can on the shelf, you hardly ever notice that it says Dog Food, or that it expired in 1979.

Happy Eating !!

kursk said...

But..Iggy's not finished messing with us till he's done..!

Ardvark said...

Big big trouble for Ignatieff.

Anonymous said...

I have figured out that the Liberal Party of Canada is the Party of Fear.

Refreshing honesty.

Ardvark said...

Refreshing honesty..... until it was deleted.

bocanut said...

"I'm with Rae. All the way."

Sounds like a catchy election theme hopefully performed by 'lil weenie,lead schreecher for the geezer punk band ""Shit For Brains",aka WK.
Don't feel left out for being deleted Ardvark,his massive ego can't handle anything but syrupy praise from his 3 deluded fans.