Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marlene Jennings cares about members of political parties.

Conservative Party members.

Marlene Jennings Liberal MP for Notre-Dame-de-Grace-Lachine and deputy leader of the Liberal Party of Canada must be concerned as she wrote a letter to the PM asking why Helena Guergis was removed from caucus.

The opposition Liberals have sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, demanding to know why Simcoe-Grey Member of Parliament Helena Guergis was booted from the Conservative Party.

Too bad that this is an internal party issue that Jennings, or any other Liberal for that matter, have absolutely no business concerning themselves with; but in Jennings defense she does seem to have a soft spot for people being allowed party memberships. She is on the record as saying that Liberal organizer and disgraced adscam figure, Marc Yvan Coté, should be allowed to return to the Liberal Party after having been BANNED FOR LIFE, even though Cote did not ask to be reinstated.

"I think that Mr. Dion is right,'' while speaking with reporters adding "There are people we would like to see back in the party." Jennings said the "public notoriety'' surrounding his testimony and expulsion from the party was punishment enough for Cote. "He's definitely paid for it."

Marlene Jennings, always thinking of the little guy. Her compassion for others is legendary!

Updated: Thanks to Martin in the comments.

Here is what Marlene was saying just a short time ago. (March 11th, 2010 / 2:35 p.m.)

Marlene Jennings Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine, QC

Mr. Speaker, the calls for public accountability from the Minister of State for the Status of Women and Rahim Jaffer are growing louder every day. They are being called the Bonnie and Clyde of the Conservative Party. They are young, Conservative and above the law.

Members of the Prime Minister's inner circle, like Kory Teneycke, are saying that the minister owes an explanation and an apology and that Rahim owes the same.

Is what the Prime Minister meant a few months ago when he sang “I get by with a little help from my friends”, I get high with a little help from my friends?


maryT said...

Has the Speaker ever ruled on her and Holland's action re marching stolen files thru the streets.

E Mac said...

Ms. Jennings:

Plain and Simple - None of your (!#$%^&**) business.
What a useless piece of work this woman is!

wilson said...

Cote confessed to handing out bags of stolen taxpayers cash to 12 Liberal candidates, $120K in $100 bills, a fine upstanding Liberal for sure!!

Ms Jennings and Goodale negotiated the payoffs to Jack and Duceppe, in the coalition of losers coup too.

Ralph Goodale sent 6 Western Cdn grain farmers to prison for... selling their own grain!!

Western farmers get jail time,
Liberal bag men get applause.....

Ardvark said...

MaryT, I think he did but nothing came of it.

for those not awareDid Mark Holland mislead the House?

Jen said...

E. Mac- "What a useless piece of work this woman is!"

and dangerous.

The more we see these kind of people and their media the more we have to fight for our nation and the prime minister.

Wilson-"Western farmers get jail time,
Liberal bag men get applause....."

And the liberal media praises Goodale as they also praise the liberals corruption adscam, attacks on innocent people.

The media particular will pay a heavy price for what they are doing: lying and manipulating.

Canadians can take so much of manipulation and lies and negative reporting from the media before they can do something that will make the media pay for what they doing.

Anonymous said...

When will the infamous four Liberal candidates who knowingly accepted stolen Adscam cash in bags for their campaign funds, be brought to justice?
For a political candidate to receive "cash -in-a-bag" for campaigning on, is it not obvious that he/her would know that it was "ill-begotten' money, as in "stolen money"?
Furthermore, is it not a safe assumption that these Liberal candidates did not report these generous "donations" to Elections Canada as part of the required reporting of all contributions they received? These are both criminal acts. Am I correct in saying that these criminals have not as yet been charged, and if so, why not?
These stolen monies were a part of the Liberals "Out and In Scheme wherein they took money OUT of federal cash registers and put it IN Liberal pockets.

Where too is the missing 40 million?

Martin said...

The hypocrisy from Jennings is simply unbelievable. Only weeks ago she was leading the charge in question period to have Guergis fired, remember "Bonny and Clide".
These clips must be readily available on the net. I guess that position was so yesterday, today she has a new position. I wonder what the Liberal position would be if PMSH reassigned Guergis to the cabinet?

Ardvark said...

Thanks Martin, there have been so many others that I had forgotten about the Bonnie and Clyde comment.